Last Chance for Carrot, Bridgewater, and Delicata Breakfast Sandwich!

By Cody Gibbs January 5, 2022

Sometimes during the holidays when we’re spending time with family, celebrating meaningful holidays, reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what’s to come, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important…

Making sure you don’t miss any Clover sandwiches. 

Because we know some of these periphery things might have distracted you over the last few weeks, we’re here to remind you that you have ONE MORE WEEK to reconnect with these seasonal sandwiches before they are gone.

The following sandwiches will be available in restaurants through Jan 11:

 🥕Carrot Sandwich (or make your own here)
🌶️The Bridgewater
🥚Delicata Breakfast Sandwich


Why are these sandwiches leaving? Glad you asked! First, we make sure all our seasonal sandwiches use ingredients at peak freshness. Secondly, we’re making room for some unusual crops that only appear in the deepest winter months…Any guesses?

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