Medlar 2022: return of the medlar

By Lucia January 11, 2022

You may be asking yourself, what is this photo of? Our chef Jason sent me this photo of medlars getting ready to be made into jam.

Which means, yes, the Medlar is back tomorrow (the 12th)! Sugary, winy, fruity. Everyone’s favorite forgotten medieval fruit gets air-dried for 2 weeks (the drying process makes the hard fruit soft and fermenty in a good way), reduced down into jam, then sent to locations with extra care. We spread the jam on bread, adding Grafton cheddar, fried parsnips from Winter Moon Roots, and a kale-walnut salad dressed with red wine vinaigrette.

You can try the medlar three ways:

  1. Stop by the restaurants starting Wednesday 1/12.
  2. Try the January Meal Box (click on Order–>Home Meal Boxes–>January Box)
  3. Try the Build Your Own Medlar Box (click on Order–>Home Meal Boxes–>Medlar Kit)

We don’t know exactly how long we’ll have this sandwich, but we know it won’t be for long (maybe a week, maybe 2).

We didn’t have the medlar last year (weirdly NOT due to covid, due to a poor season for the crop) so this is one of those sandwiches that doesn’t always come around every year. Get it while you can!

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