The Super Bowl box is here!

By Lucia February 2, 2022

Whether you’re pulling for a specific team, hosting a Netflix party, asking “is Tom Brady really retiring,” or just looking forward to watching corporate America’s best efforts to drain your bank account, Super Bowl weekend is a great excuse to get people together and eat good food.

So…we’ll make you a deal.

You (safely) get the people together and we’ll handle the “good food” part. It’s time for this year’s Super Bowl box!

What’s in the box?

We’re so glad you asked! Our Head Food Coordinator has called for an all out blitz of snackable, dippable, crowd-pleasers. Easy to warm up, easy to assemble and easy to spread out for hours of hearty eating. This was our first “tv-watching” box last year and it became a big favorite, even converting the pickiest spouses and children to the Clover way.

Order by February 9th at 5pm for delivery on Friday February 11th 

Order by February 10th at 5pm for delivery on Saturday February 12th.

Super Bowl Box Menu

Coin Toss
– Bubbly Buffalo cauliflower cheese dip with pita points
– Silky hummus with dipping winter veggies
– Green garlic bread with Berkshire Mountain ciabatta

First Down
– Salt-crusted jacket potatoes with all the fixings
– 3 Bean Chili with beans grown by our friend Charley Baer
– Plimoth cornbread with scallions and cheddar, slide it into the oven and bake

– Moroccan-inspired nachos you pile high—we give you all the components.
– Our favorite cheesy sourdough pizza from Berkshire Mt. Bakery
– The Sloppy Chris (coming out of the Food Dev vault: adorably messy lentil sliders with a BBQ style Joe sauce). 

– For dessert, Spanish churros and warm chocolate sauce, possibly the most popular dessert we make all year. We’ve done all the frying, you’ll just gently heat the chocolate-cinnamon sauce. “These are awesome,” the usually-quiet Chris says.

Don’t forget: 

Tailgate Kit (serves 4)
For that meaty taste, we recommend adding a Tailgate Kit, which includes:
– Build-your-own Beyond sausage hoagies with seared peppers, onions, marinara
– Greek-style Impossible meatballs with dill labneh

We’re also offering an 8-pack of beer from Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Co in Framingham!

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