I want to be a no trash person

By ayr February 8, 2022

You all know our restaurants give you 100% compostable packaging. What is the equivalent for the meal kits we’re now delivering in the 1,000s every week?

My wife Brooke remembers as a child seeing a news clip about a person who saved all of the trash they used from an entire year and it was a single trash bag. She remembers it to this day because it was so shocking to her and inspirational. She wanted to be the almost no trash person.

And I want to be tha no trash person. But most of the time I feel like it’s hopeless. I grew up going to an old fashioned co-op and I watched as they moved from mostly “bring your own container,” to less of that, to almost no “bulk” items as they were forced to compete with Whole Foods and other grocery options.

But we all know it’s insane. Our trash is shuttled out of sight. But it’s crazy. I don’t know if it’s me getting old but I’ve started looking at certain things (lots of the stuff in stores) and I’m hit with a vision of that thing in a landfill.

I think I should make an instagram or Tik Tok feed that’s the latest and greatest product photoshopped into landfill. It could be called “in 3 years.”

You may have heard of our subscription boxes – Taco Tuesday, Soup Wednesday, Burger Friday, Pasta Saturday. They’ve been waitlist-only while we’ve tried to build up our capacity. We’re just now opening up for new sign-ups. It’s the tastiest way to bring nutrients into your household and get your $ to local farmers/ producers.

It’s going to take a bit of time but we’re working on making those subscription meal boxes zero waste. You will be able to get Taco Tuesday and produce the same amount of trash as you would if you harvested all of that from your own garden.

Emma, our Business Dev Manager for subscriptions and boxes, is running tests on different packaging options. This is a pic she shared the other weekend. These containers are silicone. Durable. Sanitary. Oven safe. Microwave safe. Pretty. We’re not sure how well they will transport when in a box.

The idea is that for subscribers we will package the food in containers that are re-usable. We will pick them up each week when we drop you new meals. Zero waste. It’ll take a while before we get this in place because we need to get the packaging specified and then we need to get the infrastructure in place. But we’re working on it and we’ll post updates as we progress.

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