Last chance for Super Bowl Box (and churros!)

By Lucia February 8, 2022

Last year we started a tradition making churros and chocolate for our SuperBowl Sunday Box. I don’t know how it started but I look forward to it. It’s the only time this elusive item gets made anywhere at Clover.

A churro is a Spanish ridged fried donut that’s been eaten for centuries but went viral last year among home cooks (why?) The dough is pushed through a metal mold, then fried and dusted in cinnamon sugar AND THEN dipped in warm chocolate. Food historians say the word churro could be related to the Churra variety of sheep — the dough was easy to mix up and fry when shepherds were out on the mountains—and the cylindrical slightly curly shape reminded them of the horns on their rams. And while we are certainly not endorsing any one team for Sunday’s showdown, we do like the idea of eating a churro whenever the Rams score (don’t worry Cincinatti fans, there’s chili for you to do the same!)

With jacket potatoes, stovetop chili, nachos and Sloppy Joes, this box is great no matter which team you’re pulling for. It’s equally great if you would rather excuse yourself from the NFL altogether and binge this instead. Or if you just need a roster of easy meals for the week ahead.


Order by tomorrow at 5pm to get your box on February 11th.

Order by Thursday at 5pm to get your box on February 12th.

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