Subscriptions launch at Clover

By Lucia February 19, 2022

You may have heard some whisperings about a weekly delivery program, or maybe you spotted a box on a neighbor’s doorstep. This thing has been about 9 months in the making and we’ve intentionally kept it under wraps until today.

Join Burger Friday, Pasta Saturday, Soup Wednesday, or Taco Tuesday.

The idea started with a meal planning strategy that many of us use in our own homes: each night gets a theme. It cuts down on stress when you know one night a week is always tacos, one night is always pasta, etc. We started to think: what’s the Clover version of this?

We started with Taco Tuesday and added burgers, soup, and pasta. Now after a lot of hard work, tons of feedback from our beta testers, new vans purchased, a new distribution space in Southie leased, Jason on board for recipe development, and a lot of logistical puzzles solved….Clover Subscriptions are finally open to the public!

Here’s how it works:

  • You pick a night of the week that you need help with, or a theme you’re excited about. Sign up on the app (takes about 2 minutes).
  • We’ll do all the work sourcing ingredients (think heirloom corn tortillas, bronze-cast pasta, and veggies from Western MA), thinking up recipe ideas, making meals, packing them up, and sending them to your doorstep.
  • When delivery day arrives, you’ll spend less than 10 minutes warming up stuff and assembling the final product.
  • Cancel or pause anytime!

Note: Taco Tuesday is currently sold out but we’ve got a waitlist going. If you join we anticipate being able to add you in the next 1-2 weeks.

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