“Kid legend in our home” – meet the Maple Box

By Lucia March 1, 2022

The maple box is back! The quote above is from Courtney, a customer who wrote in about loving our Celebration boxes.

So why are we celebrating maple? I think it’s the most magical, delicious, sticky, snowy, sunny time of year. March is maple sugaring season, when nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, but the days begin to feel balmy. That’s when the sap begins to run and the boiling-down begins. Family-run Sugar Shacks open their wooden doors and set out their checkered tablecloths.

I got the chance to visit one of these temporary restaurants (the late great South Face Farm in Ashfield, thanks Ayr for the rec). There were pancakes, corn fritters, and even dill pickles, to cut through the sweetness of all that syrup. Out back the sap was being boiled in big tanks, every day a different color from pale gold to deep brown. Kids poured syrup on snow while the smell of bacon sizzling and pancakes frying drifted from the tiny kitchen. 

The maple box features everything you need to make a proper Sugar Shack Brunch (pancakes, CIDER DONUTS (!!!), corn fritters, johnnycakes (a Rhode Island corn-based pancake) dill pickles, tempeh bacon, hot chocolate with maple fluff.

And because we believe in maple as more than just a pancake topper, the box has a heat-and-serve Maple-themed Lunch (smoky butternut soup with a maple chive sour cream drizzle & maple fluffernutters), and a savory Maple-tinged Dinner (you won’t believe how many ways Chris uses maple to add depth and complexity to this pasta).

In collaboration with our friend (and modern day Lorax) Michael Farrell of New Leaf Tree Syrups, everyone who orders will also get a whole jar of maple syrup and a tub of maple cotton candy (!!!) straight from the forests of Vermont. The box will also have maple granola and information on sugar shacks you can visit near Boston! 

This box will only be available during the month of March (sugaring season). You can order it starting now on the app but supplies are limited!! 

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