3.1415926535 = PIE!

By Lucia March 8, 2022

*note: we nearly sold out of all the Pi Day kits and bundles 10 mins after we announced them! Special thanks to all the MIT-ers, math enthusiasts, and pie fans for grabbing one! We’ve added 100 more slots for Ayr’s Cranberry Pie for your festivities on Monday March 14 🙂

Pi Day is coming up on 3/14 and all around the world, mathletes, kids, pie lovers, and confused observers will be celebrating Pi Day!

What is Pi? *summons very distant 7th grade math memories*

Pi is a mathematical constant expressing the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter.

People celebrate Pi Day on 3/14 because 3.14 are the first 3 digits of π, and really, pi is pretty important for keeping the world turning. The obvious culinary choice for this holiday? Pies! While sweet pies get all the fanfare, savory pies are an amazing way of getting dinner on the table, so we knew we had to include both sweet and savory on our brand new Pi Day Menu. 

Pi goes on forever but our menu only lasts for one day!

How can I get a Clover Pie Kit on Pi Day?

Pick your favorite kit, or save & get all 3 kits for $31.41

🥧  Ayr’s cranberry sugar pie with meringue influences – you’ll combine local cranberries, whipped egg whites, sugar and flour into a pre-baked pie crust! Ayr really likes pies, so you know this one is going to be good.

🥧  Jason’s veggie pot pie with biscuit topping – you’ll add already-cooked veggies to a baking dish, top with biscuit dough and bake!

🥧  Chris’s shepherd’s pie – you’ll combine hearty lentil filling & a whipped cheddar mashed potato topping and bake til warm and bubbly!

Can I add a Pi Day pie to my regular meal box order for Monday?

Yes, just add the individual kits (or the bundle) to your order and check out as normal. You can add these to any regular meal box, seasonal box, or maple box! If you’ve already ordered, but want to add pies, just cancel your order and re-order with pies.

PS: Good luck to anyone waiting on their admissions decisions from MIT, which are historically announced on Pi Day!

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