Our meal box menu is changing – for the better!

By Lucia March 15, 2022

Since the first food truck we’ve always made it a priority to let our customers in on what’s going on behind the scenes, even when we make mistakes. This is because we believe that getting better requires transparency and dedication to learning, listening, and tinkering.

Recently, we’ve taken a hard look at our home meal box menu. We realized that with a few small additions, we could maximize the amount of produce on your plates, encourage the menu to change more frequently, and funnel more $ to local farmers.

With that, we are saying goodbye to a few of our mainstay boxes – we’ve bid farewell to the Starter Box and the Weeknight Favorites box and your last chance to get the Mediterranean Box is coming up.

The good news is we’re doing this to make room for our amazing celebration boxes (like the Pi menu from tonight, our fast-selling Maple Celebration Box and more seasonal boxes like our brand new Early Spring Box!)

For anyone who’s new to Clover or just wants a starter pack of all the most popular items, we’re adding a new Greatest Hits Box featuring all the (you guessed it) greatest hits from Clover!

Here is a quick rundown on our newest boxes…

The Early Spring Box

Celebrate the first signs of spring!

  • Meal 1: Spring Dug Parsnip Sandwich Kit
  • Meal 2: Tuscan Pesto Pasta with Radishes 2 ways
  • Meal 3: Farro Mushroom Soup with Romesco, Pita & Farm Salad
  • Spring Dug Parsnip Fritters (like donut holes from Mother Earth!)
  • 2 rotating side salads
  • Lavender Sugar Shortbread
  • Fruit Mousse with Oat Crumb Crust

New Greatest Hits Box

The “now that’s what I call music” of Clover meals
All the most popular items from 2 years of meal-boxing

  • Meal 1: Chickpea Fritter Sandwich Kit
  • Meal 2: Impossible Kofta Kit – Middle Eastern Meatballs, Tomato Stew & Turmeric Rice Pilaf
  • Meal 3: Seasonal Soup & Seasonal Salad Set
    (right now: Parsnip Pear Soup & White Bean Kale Basil Salad)
  • Lavender Sugar Shortbread
  • Fudgy Brownies

Not ready for a full box?
You can now purchase individual meals from all the boxes! Sized for 2-4 people, these meals will change often to stay in line with what’s coming out of the ground. Think Tuscan Pasta with Radishes 2-ways, Impossible Kofta with Stew & Turmeric Rice, or a Spring Dug Parsnip Sandwich kit.

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