Reserve your spot for summer CSAs!

By Cody Gibbs March 28, 2022

Our CSA program started as a little side project we worked on when we weren’t busy making sandwiches at the MIT truck. We thought it would be cool if restaurants could dedicate some space to farmers. Now it’s one of the biggest farmshare programs in the nation and we’re about to embark on year 10. 

From fairytale eggplants to juicy heirloom tomatoes to wild-harvested ramps and even flowers, the stuff in these CSAs is far-and-away better (and cheaper) than what you can get in the grocery store.

Reserve your summer CSA

This year, we’re excited to welcome back Next Barn Over, Stone Soup, Crimson & Clover, Siena Farms, Many Graces Flowers, The Forest Farmshare, and the Rhode Island Mushroom Company, and we have a brand new farm joining our ranks: Earthlands Farm, who will be dropping off shares every Friday.

Bonus: When you sign up for a CSA program through Clover we’ll add you to an exclusive list. Every so often we’ll drop fun prizes (think free Clover lemonade during a hot August pickup) to everyone on the list! Enjoy your free gifts when you swing by Clover for your pickup.

The deadline to sign up for a CSA is May 31, but many farms will sell out before then.

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