Help Rosendo buy Winter Moon Roots!

By Lucia April 26, 2022

If you’ve eaten with us you’ve probably heard us talking about Winter Moon Roots. Maybe you’ve snagged an elusive SDP or uttered the phrase “sweet beets don’t keep.” Or maybe you were one of the people who met up with Michael Docter on the street in Somerville for a bag of roots when the pandemic first started.

Michael is getting ready to transition the farm to the next generation.

This is Rosendo Santizo, he’s been helping to grow your veggies for the last decade, and soon he will own the farm! He’s raising money to help with the costs of purchasing farm equipment – check out his GoFundMe here. If you donate any amount before April 29 we’ll send you an edible Clover gift.

Edit: due to Clover supporters, Rosendo raised 10k overnight and adjusted his goal from 50k to 65k. Thanks for showing up for this!

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