Triple asparagus test this week

By Lucia May 16, 2022

Asparagus is nearly in season in Hadley, MA. It was once so prolific there that it is still known as Hadley Grass, and if you’re lucky you can usually buy it by the side of the road. We’ve always done a super simple 3pm special with asparagus, but we’ve always wanted to do more. I think this is the year it’s going to happen!

Jason and Philip are going to be testing 3 different asparagus items starting Wednesday 5/18 at Clover Kendall Square (5 Cambridge Ctr).

  • the green soup pictured here (fresh herbs/greens garnished with fried asparagus and smoked paprika oil)
  • an asparagus-romesco sandwich inspired by a Catalan dish called cal├žots amb romesco.
  • a French-inspired asparagus breakfast sandwich (there’s even “caviar” in the form of pickled mustard seeds).

Come say hi and help us improve these! If you try one we’ll be asking for your thoughts before we bring them to the wider Clover universe.

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