Asparagus landing Weds 3/25 & Thurs 3/26

By Kiernan May 24, 2022

We’ve wrapped up the testing period for the new Asparagus Breakfast & Lunch Sandwiches at CloverKND and, starting this week, both will be available at all Clover locations! 

Both sandwiches feature locally-grown Hadley Grass asparagus. You can only get local asparagus this time of year, and Western Massachusetts has gained world-renown for this stuff. Queen Elizabeth II has been known to fly it in especially for her annual spring feast. 

In normal circumstances, I would say “run, don’t walk” but, given the brevity of the asparagus growing season—3 weeks, if we’re lucky—it’s more like “run, elbow, push, and claw at your Clover app” until you get these seasonal beauties. Lunch sandwiches should land midday Weds or tomorrow at the latest, depending on which Clover you go to, and breakfast sandwiches will hit tomorrow (Thurs).

The breakfast sandwich is a French-inspired play on our signature Breakfast Sandwich, with the addition of just-cut, lightly fried asparagus and a special pop from “caviar,” aka pickled yellow mustard seeds devised by Phil.

The lunch sandwich features the fried asparagus atop a romesco sauce combining roasted red peppers, tomato, garlic, almonds, paprika, and Aleppo pepper for just a touch of fruitiness and heat. Fried leeks and slivered almonds round out the sandwich and provide a nice satisfying crunch in every bite.

Both sandwiches won rave reviews in their CloverKND tests, where customers got to vote using Lucia’s adorable asparagus stickers on posters where the little guys cheekily asked, “Should I exist?” 

The test gave us a chance to make sure we could tweak a few things (asparagus being cut to the right length, amounts of sauce/spreads, making sure the flavors were bright) before they hit the general public. Thanks Kendall customers!

To quote one hand-scrawled bit of commentary about the lunch sandwich: “Possibly THE best Clover sandwich–tied with the Bridgewater.”

That’s pretty much the highest praise a sandwich can get in the Cloververse.

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