Dreaming of eliminating packaging waste

By ayr June 3, 2022

I had the best Clover Taco Tuesday box last week. But I can’t ship it to you yet. Sorry…

The reason? It was packaged entirely in re-usable containers. Look! No plastic!

It just felt so good. The clear lid meant the food looked so beautiful (because it is), and at the end of the meal, the packaging went into the dishwasher instead of the recycling bin.

We’re running a small test which we hope will pave the way for our master plan: we want to move the subscriptions to 100% reusable packaging! 

So in the future when you get your Taco Tuesday, or Burger Friday, or other subscription from Clover we’ll be taking care of a meal for your household. You’ll be getting the best New England farmers and producers have to offer. And you will be creating massively less waste than if you went to the grocery store. It will be awesome.

It’s been hard finding the right containers. We need them to be sturdy enough to withstand jostling, and attractive enough that you might want to bring them to the table. We’ve tried thick plastic re-usables, silicone oven-safe containers, and this latest trial: stainless steel containers with flexible silicone lids. They were the most expensive so far but also my favorite. They’re from a company called U-Konserve. They’re pretty pricey (about $6/ container wholesale).

We’re looking to expand the test audience beyond the few lucky Clover team members receiving these.

Want to join our re-usables test group?


Want to help us accelerate this move to a no-waste future? Sign up for one of our weekly meals for your household. $35/ week includes a full meal (and leftovers!) for 2 people. Larger sizes available. Varies weekly based on what we’re getting from our favorite farmers/ producers.

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