Farewell Jason!

By Lucia June 10, 2022

Yesterday was Jason’s last day at Clover. Jason came on board as our executive chef last year. His job was to develop recipes for our meal box program, so if you’re a member of Taco, Pasta, Burger, or Soup, you’ve likely been enjoying some food from Chef Bond.

We’re going to miss Jason’s steady nature, incredible culinary skills, adorably named recipes, the wry sense of humor he brought to our team meetings, and that time we couldn’t even see him because he was so surrounded by skyscrapers of Thanksgiving boxes. 

Jason’s heading west to cook in the Berkshires – we can’t wait to see what he does next. We’ll let you know once it’s public.

Kiernan and I asked Jason if he’d want to say any parting words to all of you and he wrote a really nice letter.

Clover hired me as it was stepping into a new chapter, the start of a period of growth, which is happening right now, with all of us in it together.  A Clover-constant has been to create our menus with our customers. The method has always been to ask for your feedback and evolve our recipes and best-practices from there. I was also stepping into a period of new growth, having just sold my business and wanting to find a place to learn and explore.  

Clover and I were able to start working on the Subscription Box program together, with you, the customer guiding us as we explored. We have been working to make meals for you at home that are familiar and comfortable, but also fun and *an experience.* I’ve gotten to try and push a few boundaries and see what takes off and what crashes to the ground. Hopefully there are more examples of the former, and my apologies for the latter!  

But each iteration has helped us explore the question “what can Clover be to you?” Can we offer surprise-and-delight and still be useful as a weeknight meal when you’re busy and have other things to think about? Can we appeal to enough members of your household and still be fun for you every week? We strive to listen to you when you let us know either way. It all helps us to be better for you and better for our community and our world. We will continue exploring and growing and hopefully getting better and better for you.  

I am now off to learn and explore in the Berkshires, working to feed a smaller community. But the larger Clover mission will stay with me, and I know I will offer a better version of what I do because of Clover. Thank you to Ayr, Chris, and the hugely talented Clover team for taking me in, teaching me, and letting me spend time in your world. It’s been a great place to be.  

Now then, it’s time for a dinner salad….

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