Rhubarb coming in subscription boxes next week!

By Lucia June 10, 2022

Sweet and puckery, with a form factor so unlike other fruit…

Yess, it’s rhubarb season! It’s Ayr’s favorite thing to eat, it’s a vegetable that acts like a fruit, it makes pancakes so happy, and it’s only here for a month or so.

If you’ve been thinking about stocking your fridge with a Clover meal box, this might be the week to do it, because next week (6/14-6/18) while supplies last, all subscription boxes will come with a free gift of local rhubarb from Verrill Farm in Concord. Use the rhubarb to make Ayr’s grandma’s pie recipe, embark on a savory rhubarb stew, or just chop it and gently cook it down with sugar in a pan to make an easy compote for pancakes.

Which boxes will get rhubarb? Choose from a taco box featuring mole, a soup box featuring a brothy mushroom soup, a pasta box with lentil bolognese, and an Irish breakfast themed burger box. If you try these out, this week or any week, we’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

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