The Enzo is back, or Warning: This Sandwich May Contain French Fries

By Kiernan June 20, 2022

For one more week (end date: Tuesday June 28), we’re bringing back a Clover fan favorite: The Enzo sandwich.

The Enzo—which takes its name and inspiration from Clover alum Vincenzo— features thick slices of eggplant fried to perfection, a house-made roasted pepper relish, kosher provolone cheese, and Clover french fries. It’s unique among our sandwiches in featuring our PEI fries right there in the warm pita. 

I had heard of The Enzo before, but I admit that this was my first time trying it out. Wow. From the first bite, I was transported back to the old-school Italian salad-and-grinder joints around New Haven, where I grew up. (Yes, we actually call them grinders there.) The salty fries play so nicely against the sweet relish, and the eggplant flavor shines through.

Just for fun, I asked Lucia to reach out to Vincenzo to let him know his namesake was coming back, and he shared a little more of the story: “It all started in 2009, my first summer on the MIT food truck. I was inspired by the salads Ayr was making and wanted to contribute my favorite summer salad my grandmother made me, Pepperonata. She would fry potatoes, eggplant, and peppers. Finished with a touch of vinegar, salt and torn basil. It wasn’t successful as a Clover salad as it needed to be held-and-served cold. (Pepperonata is traditionally served at room temp to maximize the flavors and textures). I was motivated to still have it featured – to pay tribute to both my grandmother and an awesome salad… which birthed the sandwich.”

So, from a new convert, let me just say: Vincenzo, thank you thank you thank you for bringing this sandwich into existence!

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