July 2022 Price Changes

By ayr July 1, 2022

Sometimes transparency is a bit painful. I have a history of posting when we change Clover’s prices (whether up or down). I’d rather not be raising prices. I know you’d rather I wasn’t raising prices. But here we are, 2022.

This change was prompted by a wonderful backer of Clover who asked me about our prices. We changed them in January 2019 (+2.6%), again in July 2021 (+7.4%) and then in October 2021 (+3.6%). I thought that should hold us for a while, but we’ve been struggling to keep up with food costs and other rising costs. We did a survey of 14 operators, and over this period most of our competitors raised prices by 30%+! So we’re really behind. Tonight’s price change targets an 11% increase in our prices, but some items are going up more than others, let me explain…

Some items have lower underlying costs. And we really want everybody to be able to afford eating the beautiful food we prepare everyday. So the Chickpea Fritter Sandwich is going to stay at $9.97 which keeps it just under the $10 mark.

Some items which haven’t seen a change in over 3 years (Oatmeal) are getting a larger price bump. Overall we’re trying to be fair and hope it all works out OK both for the business and for all of our customers.

Stay cool this 4th of July Weekend.

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