Clementine’s first day of work

By ayr July 22, 2022

In some ways Clementine is responsible for Clover.

Back in 2007 I wasn’t proud of the job I was doing. I was good at it and I enjoyed it but I knew I wasn’t making the world a better place. When I looked down at my toddler after flying around the country I knew I needed to be doing something she could admire. Everything became more clear and immediate. I was working at McKinsey helping giant companies sell people things they didn’t need (or that made them unhealthy). I needed to change course and focus my energy on combatting global warming instead.

Now Clementine is 16 years old and (after an absurd amount of jumping through hoops and getting signatures) Massachusetts will allow her to finally work at a Clover restaurant. She’s joining our little army fighting climate change by getting meat lovers to dream about vegetables.

I’m seeing coming to work through her eyes which is great. I think there is a lot that we can streamline for new employees. It feels great to have a more clear view of it all. And Clementine is telling me everything wonderful about the staff at Newtonville. And I’m feeling so proud.

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