Salad Mondays!

By michelle July 22, 2022

We sent out a little survey to 1000 of our weekly box customers, asking what meal boxes you wanted us to make next… and Salad Monday was our most requested one (even beating out pizza.)

So we got to work on greens – figuring out sourcing, making sure we could get them pre-washed, figuring out pairings and themes. 

We announced a few days ago and sold out during the first few days that it was live (join the waitlist here.) 

We’re psyched about it! Salad is not just boring lettuce or a flimsy side dish. It’s a hearty and flavorful meal, and now we have the opportunity to challenge what you thought was possible in a salad (and we already have all these local veggies… so it’s a no brainer). Monday!!!

Each Monday we’ll deliver Red Fire Farm greens, already washed and ready to mix with one of Chris’s fantastic dressings. Crunchy, protein rich toppings that change weekly. Rich mix-ins like marinated feta, spiced chickpeas, roasted local veggies, pickled veggies and more. 

(Plus bread and butter! Cause we’re a fun salad box.)

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