The Zucchini Sandwich is BACK on the menu

By Kiernan July 27, 2022

Summer Time is Zucchini Time. Anyone with a home garden can testify that these veggies grow in abundance—and fast!!—once the weather heats up. And if you’ve been outside in the last week, you can attest: the HEAT is UP. 

Our friends at Red Fire Farm out in Granby, MA have them a’plenty, and we’re the luckier for it.

Our Zucchini Sandwich is pretty unique in that we keep the zuccs raw, which delivers crisp straight-from-the-farm freshness. We make a salad with thinly sliced zucchini, sweet corn from Verrill Farm, and bright shiso. There’s a thick slathering of creamy basil mayo (!!!) Then fried glazed tofu made from Maine-grown soybeans by Heiwa Tofu—a pretty amazing small business up in Rockport (think handcrafted, non-GMO, organic) which Ayr visited a few years ago. Clover hasn’t looked back since. 

A Zucchini Sandwich paired with a nice icy watermelon agua fresca….there’s NOTHING more Summer.

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