Our fridge sends us an email when it’s sad

By michelle July 29, 2022

Last night our original walk-in fridge at the HUB went “above temp” – kitchen speak for not cold enough. How did we know this? Phil received an email directly from our fridge!

Every 4 minutes the fridge is above temp, it sends an email to all the kitchen managers notifying them. Jenny (production manager) and her bake team immediately started removing third pans of prepped food. Emily (food data analyst) stayed til 11pm to make sure every piece of food had a (cold) home in our other larger walk-in.

Fridges didn’t always talk to people. We use a remote-sensing product called SmartSense, which links temperature sensing with notifications. Amazing. No loss of product, no food out of temp for longer than a few minutes (as any good food safety inspector will tell you, four hours is the limit food can stay “out of temp”).

Good news: we have a great team who can move fast! Bad news: it looks like the fridge will be broken until early next week when we can get someone in to fix it. So, you may see some items crossed off the restaurant menus this weekend and early next week. We’ll do our best to make sure our most popular items don’t get affected by this. We’re sorry for any inconvenience, and if you have any questions, email the fridge at fridge@cloverfoodlab.com.

Just kidding on that email address (info@cloverfoodlab.com will do the trick just fine.)

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