Clover is looking for our next Executive Chef

By Chris August 3, 2022

Chris (SVP of Food) here. I haven’t written a blog post in several years but I’m hopping back on for a really important reason: I’m hiring an Executive Chef! 

Everything we do at Clover is focused on making food our customers will dream about. In the early days, what we now call “Food Dev” happened daily at the food truck. Rolando (our first Chef), Ayr, me, customers, and employees would all come together to pitch ideas, share inspiration, and taste new recipes. This evolved into a weekly meeting that we opened up to the public. That process delivered some Clover blockbusters—the Panelle sandwich, the Enzo sandwich, the Hungarian Beet Sandwich.

Clover has grown a lot since those days. Food trucks became restaurants, then we opened more restaurants, then MORE restaurants, and now we’re serving thousands weekly through our meal box program. We hired our first executive chef (shoutout to Jason Bond) who helped lend shape to the role. Now with Jason headed to the Berkshires, we’re looking to meet a few great candidates to work with us creating and executing our menu. 

This role would report to me, spending time at our dev kitchen, pushing the company to new levels of culinary creativity. If you dream of composing mouth-watering menus, spending time in turnip fields and lettuce patches, meeting local farmers and specialty product creators, and leading a terrific team of chefs and kitchen staff, this is the perfect place for you.

Below are a few bullets on what we think it would take to do this well. If this describes you—or you know someone who would be the right fit— click or share the link below. We want to meet you!!

  • We need a forward-thinking and creative person who can make vegetables a delicious centerpiece for everyone—especially meat eaters
  • We’d love if you have spent 5-7 years in a farm-to-table or seasonally-driven restaurant
  • You find joy in creating something intimate and special for a small group of testers, and then work to re-create it for thousands (scaling, costing, sourcing)
  • You’re jovial, charismatic, and inspiring
  • You love teaching, sharing, and discussing food every day
  • You have a  passion for developing deep trusted relationships with farmers
  • You’re entrepreneurial, with the drive and resilience to lead a fast-growing business

Apply here.

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