Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is Back!

By michelle August 9, 2022

Here’s Kevin (GM at CloverKND) holding some stunning Blue Oyster Mushrooms from the Rhode Island Mushroom Company. This can only mean one thing… that the Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is Back! 

Chris pitched the Blue Oyster Mushroom sandwich at Food Dev in 2015 as our Clover version of a po’ boy (a sandwich popular in Louisiana which usually features fried seafood). It’s got lemony local kale, light and crispy fried blue oyster mushrooms, perfectly ripe tomatoes from Next Barn Over, and a tarragon miso mayo.   

Right after we came up with the BOM, we took a trip to the Rhode Island Mushroom Company to see how a mushroom could taste so good. Turns out, they’re magic! Not really, but Mike (owner) and Todd (mushroom scientist) taught us that mushrooms can make it rain by influencing the barometric pressure in an area, they can communicate with each other from hundreds of miles away, and they can clean up oil spills and destroy heavy metals!

…And if you fry them in a perfectly light batter, they’re pretty magical too!

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