Corno di Toro peppers for this week’s Pasta Box

By Lucia August 17, 2022

Ray from Next Barn Over wrote to us with some great news: they had a bumper crop of Corno di Toro peppers.

This pepper originated in Italy (the name means horn of the bull – you can see how the shape curves like a bull’s horn.)

They are sweet, not too spicy, and hold up to heat well. They’re also delicious raw.

We’ll be using them a bunch of places at Clover. You might spy them on a pepper breakfast sandwich in the mornings, folded into salads at lunch, and in this week’s edition of the Pasta Saturday Meal Box.

You’ll warm fresh gigli pasta, mix it with feta cheese, capers, an herby lemon dressing, fresh local onions, and these peppers, plus Berkshire Mountain bread and garden butter. You have until Thursday at 5pm (or until sold out) to get in on this pasta box.

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