Introducing The Green Fritter

By Kiernan September 14, 2022

We’ve got a new sandwich on the menu, and it’s a big one (physically and metaphorically) because it’s our launch into a whole new category—Seasonal Chickpea Fritters.

The Classic Chickpea Fritter is in a lot of ways the cornerstone of Clover’s menu—and the topic of much thought and debate—especially the Great Question of “Falafel v. Fritter”. The Classic Chickpea Fritter is a customer favorite and it’s not going anywhere. But the world of Falafel/Fritter is vast—it’s an awesome platform for incorporating peak-season produce coming into Clover from the farms daily. That’s the thinking behind THIS new set of rotating Seasonal Fritters—use one of our best sandwiches to highlight the best veggies at any moment. 

As the first foray, The Green Fritter delivers a brighter, greener, entirely different-feeling version of The Classic. It trades the brightness of pickled carrots and cabbage for a vibrant herb salad and our hummus for a creamy beet tzatziki. 

The fritter itself is a single large patty instead of the traditional 5 falafel balls, and when you bite through the crispy crust, the interior is a beautiful bright green because it’s packed with kale and even more herbs. 

And we’re keeping the cucumber and tomato salad, dill pickles, and tahini sauce from the Classic because you don’t mess with what works.

A final little detail: while the sandwich is NOT spicy, it is warmed by guajillo chile, a mild dried pepper with a little tang and smokiness to it. Close your eyes on your first bite and see if you can pick it up.

We’ve been working on The Green Fritter for a while. The first iteration was created by our last executive chef Jason in late spring and at that time the fritter mix incorporated asparagus. While we’re opting for kale right now, by design the recipe is flexible enough to incorporate several green veggies when they are freshest and available. The sandwich was in testing at our Kendall Square location for weeks and got great feedback, which is why we’re now bringing it to all locations. If you all are liking it we’ll keep it around through mid-October.

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