Be the Lab

People ask “where is the lab?”

The “Lab” is figurative. You are the lab, I am the lab. We are brought together by a shared passion for a better food future.

Face it, there aren’t many people in America right now who feel proud and confident in the way we make and eat food. This includes the folks that run our largest restaurant chains and slaughterhouses. I’ve had dinner with them. I can tell you that they don’t eat the food they make. And not only does our food make us unhealthy (9 of the 10 top killers in the USA are diet-related), it’s contributing to climate change and more often than we would like creating dangerous or degrading situations for people. And it doesn’t even taste that great.

So what do we do? How to we move forward?

I quit my job back in 2008 with these questions knocking around in my head but without great answers.

Clover Food Lab is a project to invent a future of food that is packed with so much flavor that you dream about your food, celebrates the people who make your food, and combats climate change

Everything we do well is the direct result of a customer getting involved and sharing an idea or opinion or comment. We invite you to join us. Eat with us. Share your ideas, your dreams. Bring a recipe to our open food development meetings. Join the Clover Meal Club. Evangelize. Come work for us!

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