Orange whoopie pies

orange filling

To highlight that citrus is in season, we developed this filling for whoopie pies tonight. Actually, it’s the main reason we eventually got around to finalizing the marmalade recipe from a couple of years back. It came out real sticky and I didn’t like the taste too much. We also have a lot more people to sell the marmalade to. The effort of plugging this item in our production, seems worth doing now.

Our other flavored whoopie fillings use a homemade fruit syrup. Making an orange syrup that was flavorful enough was out of the question, because of cost (quantity and price of oranges). So, I figured we could use a psuedo syrup, in this case a marmalade. We take the marmalade and chop it so the bits and pieces of peel are much smaller and then fold it into the cream cheese filling.

We’ll be serving these up at Harvard Square and at the HUB starting at 5pm. Be sure to let us know your feedback.

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One Response to Orange whoopie pies

  1. Dawn 25 January, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    Noooooo! I wished I’d known about this earlier, I would have come in for a whole box!

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