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20,000+ people have already tried Clover Meal Boxes since we started them up in June of last year. We couldn’t have imagined such a great reception!

Here are a few of the things people are saying…

“I have a very busy schedule and often end up getting take out or eating junk food snacks at home, but this meal box allows me to enjoy great quality and delicious foods, while also encouraging me to take some action towards food preparation. (Yes! Even using my pan to heat up my paneer cheese was a proud moment). I especially loved the dipping veggies and hummus (wow! don’t think i can ever eat another regular carrot from the store).”

-Anri, via email

“I just wanted to let you know that we just finished our Clover Box, and it was absolutely spectacularly the most awesome delicious thing ever. The food was just over the top good. Every course was well considered, easy to prepare, and yet elegant and sophisticated. There was a ton of food, and we’re left with quite a bit of leftovers…”

-Anthony, via email 

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Let me take you back to the days of Clover Grocery Store…

learning the ropes on the Clover food truck at MIT, circa 2009
learning the ropes on the Clover food truck at MIT, circa 2009

When I first started as a prep cook at the Clover food truck, Leah (Clover’s first manager) introduced me to the concept of Clover Grocery Store. At the end of the week (we didn’t run weekends at the time) staff could take home any extra spreads, soups, dips, or pita.

Never having worked in a restaurant and doing prep for the first time, I was stunned by the amount of work that went into sourcing, prepping, seasoning and packing each of these items, and I felt pretty lucky to be able to stock my own fridge. I went a little overboard that first Friday. I remember carefully balancing a deli of brothy mushroom soup on my lap riding the T from Jamaica Plain back to Somerville, then watching as it exploded on the floor of the subway car. Sorry, Orange Line staff of 2010 : (

We’ve come a long way since then. Now you have access to the food we make on your own schedule, in your own kitchen. Chris and his team does 90% of the work, you do the rest (I write you instructions on how). And the food comes safely nestled into boxes—just refrigerate until you’re ready to tuck in.

This meal box program has been a lifeline for us, our staff, and the New England farmers who grow our raw ingredients. And it’s allowed us to be really creative, plumbing the depths of food memories to make brand new dishes that come together in minutes with limited prep skills from your end.

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This Harissa-encrusted cauliflower would never work as a Clover sandwich, but it heats up perfectly in your oven, smothered in brown butter sauce with capers and lemon. Brussels Spanikopita could never be warmed fast enough for a Kendall Square lunch rush, but it’s perfect for a weeknight meal. Impossible Kofte in Tomato Stew over bright yellow Middle Eastern Rice? “Impossible” to serve during lunch rush, but works perfect for getting dinner on the table at home.

We’ve been thinking about how to meet you all where you are. So we added home delivery and made it cheap (free if your order is over $60 and you’re near Boston). Sending out the boxes is like delivering Christmas presents 3 times a week. Just ask these kids who have started recognizing “the Clover van” when Sheldon or Josh pulls up with food and fun for the family.

If you’re interested in being part of the program, we put together a Starter Box, which is a “Best Of” tour of some of our favorite menu items – think classic breakfast sandwiches, chickpea fritter sandwiches, kofta in stew, seasonal sandwich fixings, granola and milk, and a build your own soda bar. We recommend starting with this box if you’re new to the program; we’ll even give you $40 towards your first one!

But if you’re like me you may be tempted by some of our fun seasonal offerings (Kevin on our staff lent us his Irish food memories for a St. Paddy’s Day Menu where you can make soda bread along with Ayr; I just helped dream up a Maple Box paying homage to New England Sugar Shacks; and Chris and Rabbi Dolinger are busy planning a Passover seder box! If you’d like to try one of those boxes for your first time, just reach out and we’ll set you up with a coupon.

Like everything at Clover, this program is a work in progress. If you try a box we’ll probably be getting in touch to find out your feedback. So stay safe, have fun, and keep cooking!

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