Put your weekly meals on auto-pilot.

Clover Subscriptions started with a meal planning strategy we use at home. Each night gets a theme!

Ready to simplify dinnertime?

We source peak-freshness food from local farms, then prep, pack, and deliver meals to your doorstep.

Plans start at just $35/week!


Jorge Sosa makes heirloom corn tortillas — the inspiration for our colorful taco party in a box. Beans, fresh salsas, hearty fillings. Your box comes with two recommended combos: just warm ingredients; cut and squeeze a lime; and have at it!


Sear, squish, sizzle. Turn your home into a burger shack and ring in the weekend with Jason’s straight-sided burgers, squishy buns from Central Bakery, and delectably themed condiments. Each burger follows a theme; think Flavors of Spain or Cowboy Burgers. Don’t forget add-ons like blend-and-sip milkshakes and a baked potato bar.


Pasta is a beautiful vessel for local produce. Our Saturday box is an homage to Giulio Caperchi’s fresh bronze-cast pasta. Each week we’ll do all the work making sauces and sides that pair perfectly with wine & garlic bread.


Chef Jason has a special place in his heart for hearty soups (no 120-calorie cans of flavorless liquid here!) From kimchi stew to turnip cheddar soup, each box comes with one big soup, fun garnishes & a hearty side. Our Soup Subscription is our staff’s secret favorite (just ask Joe, Emma, Ayr).


Why Clover?

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How it works.

1. Pick the subscription you want to try and sign up via the Clover App

2. Once you subscribe, you’ll get a weekly email detailing what will be in your next delivery. Don’t like what you see? Skip for the week. Happy with the menu? Just sit back and wait for subscription day! You’ll only be charged for weeks you get boxes.

3. Pick up your box at CloverHUB (or have it delivered within 30 miles of Cambridge)

4. Box is here! Yessss! Follow the super easy instructions and enjoy your food within 10 minutes.



Taco Tuesday has literally changed our lives. We have a finicky 5-year-old who only has a short-list of foods she’ll eat and she’s basically been a vegetarian since she was 3. She loves Taco Tuesdays and it’s increased the number of foods she’ll eat by 50%. She now eats a taco for Tuesday dinner and quesadilla for Wednesday lunch!

You knocked it out of the park with this week’s Georgia candy roaster squash taco!! Every element of it was delicious and the sum was even greater than all the spectacular parts. I took one bite and yelled WOW so loud it startled my poor husband who was in the middle of assembling his taco 😂

My husband and I were looking over our food expenses for the last few months today. We noticed that with the meal boxes we are saving money and also reducing our food waste. Plus, we each have our favorite box that we look forward to😉

Two boxes a week is slightly extravagant, but
we’re heading into the third year of a pandemic. Menu planning,
shopping, and cooking are hard, and you’re way better at it than I am! And your ingredients are better, too. Plus that whole planet-saving

You have made us “accidental vegetarians” the boxes are so good and so convenient. Thank you!

PSA for my friends in Boston:
@cloverfoodlab has meal boxes delivered that are 10x better than other meal delivery services I’ve used. Well-sourced, foodie-grade meals that are super easy to put together and well-priced.

Just a quick note to say my family LOVED our first Burger Friday delivery. The burger had great flavors and was perfectly matched with the pickles and BBQ sauce. Honestly one of the best veggie burgers we’ve had (and we’ve had a ton over the years). The brussels salad was a hit also.

I’ve tried Purple Carrot, Hello Fresh, etc. and they just take SO LONG to prepare. Yours are (almost) instant and delicious.

Ready to simplify your weekly meals?

Let’s Do It!

Frequently asked questions

How much food is in each box?

Our subscription boxes have small and large options. The small feeds 2-3 people and the large feeds 4-5 people. We’ve built these boxes to be generous so you may have some leftovers, but not too many to be stressful. If you want more or less food you can toggle between large and small on the app! 

How does delivery work?

We prep all our meal boxes the night before you get them. This means no Fedex, no waiting in warehouses, nothing hidden. Our current delivery area includes most towns within 30 miles of CloverHUB (1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge). We’ll have you double check your zip code when signing up to make sure we can deliver to you.

We know that with folks headed back to work and school, it’s important to know when your box might arrive. At this time, we are unable to guarantee an exact delivery time for your order but we’ll be able to text you on each delivery day with an estimate. We’ll do our best to get your box to your door before dinner time.

Once your order has been dropped off, you’ll receive a text message confirming the delivery. This message will go to the phone number you provided when filling out your delivery address in the app.

How does pickup work?

Currently our subscriptions default to offering free home delivery. However if you prefer to pickup your box directly from 1075 Cambridge St (between 11am-5pm of your subscription day) we would love for you to do that instead!

To choose pickup instead of delivery, toggle the “Prefer to Pickup?” at the bottom of your Burger Friday widget, located in the Account tab of the Clover app.

How long do I have each week to pause or make changes to my subscription?

The order cutoff for each subscription is 4 days prior, by 5pm. We make all our food to order so this is to help us plan and cook through the week and minimize waste.

For Taco Tuesday – order cutoff is the Friday before, by 5pm.

For Soup Wednesday – order cutoff is the Saturday before, by 5pm.

For Burger Friday – order cutoff is Monday, by 5pm.

For Pasta Saturday – order cutoff is Tuesday, by 5pm.

How does billing work?

Your card on file will be charged shortly after the order cutoff deadline for your subscription.

For Taco Tuesday – card will be charged the Friday before, at 5pm.

For Soup Wednesday – card will be charged the Saturday before, at 5pm.

For Burger Friday – card will be charged Monday, at 5pm.

For Pasta Saturday – card will be charged Tuesday, at 5pm.

What if I need to pause for a week or more?

Not to worry! Simply select which weeks you want to receive your box and which weeks you want to pause from the app (it’s super easy). We won’t charge you for any weeks where you pause.

The cutoff time to pause is 4 days before your pickup/delivery date.

The Clover app will show whether your subscription has been paused for the given week. 

Can I customize what’s in my box?

Every Saturday evening we will send a menu with the items that your next box will include. If you’re out of town for the week, or just decide that box is not for you, feel free to pause (though we encourage you to be adventurous!).

To keep our boxes affordable for everyone, we cannot make any customizations or substitutions within the box.

However, each weekly subscription comes with a menu of add-ons that you can add to your box as needed (drinks, desserts, appetizers, etc.). Our add-ons menu is constantly changing so make sure to check back each week for new and fun surprises!

I’m not so sure about this subscription thing. What if I don’t love my box?

We hope you’ll love our boxes. Over the course of 2 years and 20,000 orders, we’ve had a really heartwarming response. But we don’t want to take money from anyone who didn’t love their food. Reach out to us at box@cloverfoodlab.com with any feedback at all, and someone will get back to you to make you whole. 

I have other questions not answered here.

Have questions we didn’t answer here? You may find them on our main FAQ page. If not, please feel free to reach out to us directly at box@cloverfoodlab.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Is this the same Clover I know and love from food trucks and restaurants?

One and the same! Many of the same folks you recognize from restaurants and trucks are now working on our box program. It’s an exciting time. We’re hoping that we can meet you where you are, whether it’s home, work, school, or out having an adventure.