march, 2018

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Goodbye Hungarian Beet Sandwich, hello Spring-Dug Parsnip Sandwich!

Parsnips mean that winter is finally over. Spring-dug parsnips are the first vegetable coming out of the ground in early spring. Parsnips planted in the previous spring are left in the ground to “winter” and experience a deep freeze. As this happens, the starches are converted to sugar, the flavor matures, and the flesh becomes a bit more tender.

We’re hoping to be able to launch this sandwich on this date, but it’s going to depend on when the parsnips are actually ready (aka very weather-dependent) and on when Michael Docter has picked them. So you may actually get to taste this one earlier, or you may have to wait a few extra weeks. Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates!

This sandwich has a chow-chow relish made with spring onions, mayo, Grafton cheddar from Vermont, spinach, and roasted spring-dug parsnips from Winter Moon Roots in Hadley.


All Day (Thursday)


All Clover Locations

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