march, 2018

01maralldayFeaturedReturn of the Hungarian Beet Sandwich(All Day: thursday) All Clover Locations

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Winter root veg is a favorite here at Clover – when it’s cold and beets + carrots are still in the ground, their starches convert to sugars making them extra sweet.

TheĀ Hungarian Beet Sandwich celebrates these super-sweet beets, and it’s back starting on March 1!

A little history: This was a sandwich that we first ran in 2013. An MIT customer from Hungary won a sandwich-design contest, and said we should make a sandwich using beets. Megan, then our head of HR (now our catering director), started thinking about Hungarian flavors and this is the product!

This sandwich starts with a dill cream cheese, then gets layers of roasted-then-fried-beets + a slaw with cabbage, caraway, paprika, and white onion. A must-try even if (ESPECIALLY if) you don’t like beets!!


All Day (Thursday)


All Clover Locations

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