Clover + Impossible Meat

Welcome to the future!

Impossible Foods has been hard at work making the first meat entirely from plants. The meat bleeds and browns just like beef. It chews like beef. It uses 75% less water than beef. One day, it may have a hand in saving the planet.

We met the CEO of Impossible last year in San Francisco, toured their facility and were inspired by what they were doing. A year later – after launching with David Chang in NYC – the very first shipment of Impossible meat arrived in New England, destined for Clover.

We decided to make meatballs out of the meat. We set to work mining the minds and tastebuds of our Italian-American cooks here at Clover. Vincenzo and Martina created a meatball sub with slow-simmered tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, a little garlic, some parsley, good olive oil and lots of love. It all gets folded into bread we make each night.

Last month we tested the waters with meatballs on the menu at the Clovers in Harvard Square and Harvard Science Center. We sold out the first week, and now all kinds of folks are returning day after day for the Impossible Meatball Sandwich. Tourists from Ireland, Italian-Americans, lifelong vegetarians, dedicated carnivores, and Boston Globe food reporters were among the folks lining up each day!

Now we’re launching meatballs in all of Boston. But we need your help. We’re not messing around – we believe this sandwich could stack up against some of the best meatball subs you’ve ever eaten. So we’re asking you to help us put this thing to the test in Boston by inviting meat-lovers to come taste.

So on October 19th and 20th, make a date with a carnivore. Bring a meat-loving pal to Clover at lunchtime, and their Impossible Meatball Sandwich is free. Yes, free! Just send them this coupon, and go with them to your nearest Clover.

The only requirement? You have to come together. The future tastes better in pairs, right?

Like everything at Clover, this collaboration is a test, so after you try it, please reach out with feedback. You can write to us, tweet at us, or post something on Instagram or Facebook. We’ll be listening.