FREE Impossible Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwiches on our App!

In a city where Dunkin’ reigns supreme, can a vegetarian sausage egg & cheese convince folks to “run” on something a little bit different?

Clover has teamed up with Impossible Foods to launch the Impossible Sausage Egg & Cheese sandwich on Wednesday June 6th! We will be giving away FREE sandwiches on our App ( to the first 50 customers at each of these Clover locations in Boston, Cambridge and Burlington on Wednesday, 7-9am while supplies last:

iOS users: click here | Android & desktop users: click here

  • CloverFIN (Financial District), 160 Federal St, Boston
  • CloverDTX (Downtown Crossing), 27 School St, Boston
  • CloverLMA (Longwood), 360 Longwood Ave, Boston
  • CloverKND (Kendall Square), 5 Cambridge Center, Cambridge
  • CloverHSQ (Harvard Square), 1326 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge
  • CloverHSC (Harvard Science Center), 1 Oxford St, Cambridge
  • CloverHFI (Central Square), 496 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge
  • CloverHUB (Inman Square), 1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge
  • CloverBUR (Burlington), 100 Burlington Mall Rd, Burlington

Download our App to hold your spot in line – simply sign up at or Clover Food Lab in the App Store, and the free sandwich will magically appear Wednesday morning!

To make the sausage, we mix Impossible Burger meat with Kosher salt, brown sugar, garlic, safflower oil, cayenne pepper, garlic, onions, fennel seed, sage, thyme, and black pepper. We form the sausage into patties, and fry them right before adding them to the sandwich, served on a warm pita bread, baked nightly using local wheat from Maine Grains. A slice of Grafton Cheddar from Vermont melts a little as it hits the hot pita bread. Then the sandwich gets an entire egg, laid just days ago at Maine Family Farms, and cooked so the outside is firm and the yolk is bright yellow and custardy.

This giveaway is first-come, first-serve, and will happen from 7am to 9am on June 6th, or until supplies run out.