Pizza Friday

We eat pizza everywhere and love it
(we even dream about pizza sometimes)

But we can’t help asking ourselves, “what could be better?”

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– Top of the list is organic crust. We made the switch to organic flour a few years ago at Clover for a bunch of reasons. At my house we don’t eat non-organic wheat. US wheat growers started spraying Roundup (Glyphosate-based herbicide) on wheat about a decade ago to ease harvest. Currently almost all non-organic US-grown wheat is treated this way. Organic wheat is not. But most pizza places don’t make organic pies (and most frozen ones are not organic either).
– Real dough. Most pizza places aren’t making dough anymore. It’s sad but true. Dough is coming from Sysco, US Foods, Performance Food Group. It’s not simple and it’s not freshly made. We can get you the dough you deserve. Wheat, water, salt, yeast, a bit of olive oil.
– Properly hydrated dough — this one is more esoteric but since that dough is coming from big factories it’s too dry. Big machines cannot handle proper hydration so dough manufacturers have moved to dry doughs. This means pizza dough feels more cardboard-y rather than that magical chewy AND crispy combo we’re seeking
– Local/ seasonal ingredients. Isn’t pizza the perfect vehicle to enjoy what farms are producing? I love the basic ingredients but couldn’t we be having more fun?
– Homemade is better. Why? The best food is made with love.