THURSDAYS: Lindentree Farm – Lincoln, MA (Clover Burlington only)

By Fabricio Dias March 1, 2019


Delivery day: THURSDAYS!

This farm was the inspiration for Clover’s CSA program back in 2011 when our founder/CEO Ayr got on a waitlist for a coveted spot in Lindentree’s CSA program. He was amazed at the quality of produce, how cheap it was compared to the grocery store, and how careful Ari and Moira were in farming the land. Inspired by Lindentree, Ayr decided to use Clover to bring CSAs to everyone in Boston.


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From the Farm:

“The Lindentree Farm CSA has been around for 29 years, working very hard to create healthy soil, and healthy certified organic vegetables for our members. We are guided by our experience and nutrient-dense principles, organic guidelines, and enthusiasm from our members. Having been around for such an amount of time we see now the second generation of families coming through and working here, and kids very interested in healthy food and environments. We hope you will enjoy our food too.” 

What can you expect through the course of the season?

Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, summer squash, lettuce, arugula, bok choy, summer turnips, flowers, beans, melons and more!

What is your favorite summer item? What do you like to cook with?

“Peppers!!! They are so easy to cut up, chop and freeze, and then so easy to add to soups and stews.”

—Moira, Farmer

What are the delivery dates?

This share is delivered weekly on Thursdays from the beginning of June to the middle of October for 20 weeks.

How many shares are available?

This share is first-come, first serve with only 12 shares available for the entire season, and is only available at Clover Burlington (100 Mall Rd, Burlington, MA).

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