Gift Cards

If you’re at this page you are interested in sharing Clover with a loved one. We’re honored. Thank you for being an ambassador.

Note – due to COVID, and to keep everything as contact-free as possible, we are only doing online transactions. This includes gift cards so if you want to buy an e-gift card please do so with the below link! After that, for your recipient(s) to use the gift cards with our Clover app, they’d just have to email the gift card #s back to us ( with a request to attach the value to their Clover app account.

There are two ways to give Clover gift cards:

  1. Come into one of our locations and pick up a shiny, plastic gift card with an envelope. We’ll load it up for you in any denomination, from $10-$1000.
  2. Buy an e-gift card online, and have it emailed to the recipient. Be sure to select the “send on a future date” option if you’re planning a surprise : )

Note: our Whole Foods locations in Westford and Sudbury do not accept Clover gift cards at this time.

A look back in time: Clover gift cards, circa 2009