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It's Taco Tuesday!
$35/week subscription
with delivery to your door

What’s for dinner? For my family, one night a week is always Taco Night! I’ll make up a big pot of Charley Baer’s beans, pick up a package of Jorge Sosa’s Mi Tierra Tortillas to throw on the griddle. I’ll put out a few homemade salsas (extra spicy for me, mild for the kids), slice some cheese. We’ll have veggies from the garden (fresh if it’s summertime, pickled or canned if it’s cold out). For my family this night is always Taco Monday not Taco Tuesday : )

Tacos tie us to farmers and cooks of the past, present and future. We’re lucky to have tacos! Which is why…

Clover’s first-ever subscription delivery program is Taco Tuesday! For $35/week, starting June 8, we’ll drop a Taco Tuesday Box on your doorstep. And just like that: one meal in your week: done.

Every week, in Clover style, the box will be a bit different, depending on what Chris is sourcing from farms. Tortillas go straight onto the pan. Beans and filling go straight into the oven. Salsas and garnishes go straight to the table. Tacos are warm and on the table in 5 minutes. There are lots of leftovers. As the program grows, we’ll be collaborating with local chefs, producers, tortilla-makers and home cooks. 

What comes in an average box?

Free delivery within a 30 mile radius of CloverHUB

Have questions we forgot to answer here? Email us at Because this is a new program, we are “extra standing by” even beyond the usual Clover standards, and will be able to get back to you in a few minutes (weekdays) and a few hours (weekends).

Get inspired while you wait for your box to arrive.


Mexico: The Cookbook by Margarita Carrillo Arronte

The Tex Mex Cookbook by Robb Walsh

Where did the taco come from? Smithsonian Magazine