Taco Tuesday Subscription FAQ

  • What is included in the Taco Tuesday subscription?

    The subscription has two different sizes: small (feeds 1-2 people) and large (feeds 3-5 people).

    Each week you’ll receive a pack of Mi Tierra corn tortillas (6 tortillas for a small box, 12 tortillas for a large box), beans, 2 taco fillings, 2 salsas, vegetable and herb garnishes, and a lime. The exact ingredients for the fillings, salsas, and garnishes will rotate every week based on what’s in season at local farms!

    You will also have options to supplement your order with different add-ons such as a Breakfast Taco Kit (a pack of flour tortillas, an egg-and-cheese filling, and shredded cheddar cheese) and Quesadilla Kit (a pack of flour tortillas, sour cream, and shredded cheddar cheese). We will also be offering different seasonal add-ons throughout the year including local beer, seasonal lemonades, etc!

  • How many people does the Taco Tuesday subscription feed?

    Taco Tuesday Kits come in 2 sizes – small feeds 1-2 people and large feeds 3-5 people.

  • How do I sign up for Taco Tuesday?

    You can sign up either by going to this link and clicking the purple “+” button OR by going to “Account” tab on the bottom right of the Clover App.

  • I'm going to be away for a week. Can I pause/skip a week of deliveries but still stay subscribed?

    Yes! Our app gives you the ability to pause on weeks when you don’t want to receive a Taco box. Head to the Account section of the app and click the pause button to choose which dates you would like to pause. For up to 6 weeks in advance, you can skip future weeks where you may be traveling or just want to take a break.

  • How long do I have each week to make changes to my subscription?

    The order cutoff for Taco Tuesday is Friday the week before 11pm. This allows our kitchen to make and pack all our taco subscriptions to-order.

    For example – to edit your order for Tuesday July 13, you must make all edits before Friday July 9 at 11pm.

  • Is the Taco Tuesday subscription allergen-free?

    The Taco Tuesday subscription is vegan (no egg, dairy, or other animal products) but some of the add-ons may contain non-vegan ingredients.

    The subscription is also gluten-friendly but not entirely gluten-free.

    Any other allergens will be marked clearly on the container labels within the boxes.

  • How does billing work?

    Customers card on file will be charged following the order cutoff deadline (Friday @ 11pm).

    Please note that after you pause, you will still see an initial charge on your card for that paused week. But it will roll over as a credit for the subsequent week.

    For example – for your Taco Tuesday delivery on Tuesday 7/13, you will need to make any edits in the Clover app before Friday 7/9 at 11pm, and your card will be charged the morning of Saturday 7/10.

    If you would like to pause Tuesday 7/13 instead, you will need to do that before Friday 7/9 at 11pm. Then you will still see a charge on your card that week, but it will roll over as a credit/pro-rate for whenever you unpause your deliveries.

  • How do I switch from home delivery to pickup at 1075 Cambridge St?

    Currently our subscriptions default to offering free home delivery. However if you prefer to pickup your box directly from 1075 Cambridge St on Tuesdays (between 11am-5pm) we would love for you to do that instead!

    To choose pickup instead of delivery, make sure you are already signed up for Taco Tuesday (you may need to enter a delivery address at the start to do so). Once you’re subscribed, just delete your Subscription Delivery Address and our system will automatically switch you to pickup for your next order. Your subscription dashboard widget should look like this:

    It’s not a super elegant solution right now – sorry about that! Our app team is working on building something much more seamless very soon and we’ll definitely announce once that’s done. Thanks for your patience 🙂

  • How do I know that my next order is paused?

    Pause your subscription using the “Pause” function in the Account section of the app. You can plan your orders as far ahead as the next 6 weeks. Click on the delivery day to pause or un-pause it.

    Green checkmark = you WILL receive a Taco Tuesday delivery on that day

    Red X = you are PAUSED and will not receive a Taco Tuesday delivery on that day

    Please note that after you pause, you will still see an initial charge on your card for that paused week. But it will roll over as a credit for the subsequent week.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    1. Go to your Taco Tuesday dashboard (in the “Account” section of the app) and hit the “Edit Plan” gear icon on the top right.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of your screen, and click on the link that says “cancel your Taco Tuesday plan”
    3. Once you confirm, your membership will be canceled.