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From November 29 to December 26, when you subscribe to a box we’ll donate a box to Food For Free in Cambridge.

New recipes every week.

Our chefs work hard to bring you traditional and adventurous flavors each week.

Ready in less than 15 minutes.

All ingredients are pre-prepped and ready to assemble into delicious meals.

Support local MA farms.

We work with only the best local MA farms for all of our ingredients!

Salad, taco, soup, burger, pizza, pasta, pancake.

A box for every palate!

I have leftovers sometimes so I m finishing the beautiful tacos this Saturday afternoon and I made homemade sangria from the drink box for pizza night! You are my new grocery store. If you had pizza dough I’d stop in and buy some through the week - that is a fluffy, nice-bite recipe you got there. The Pepperoni oil is amazing, I have no idea what spices constitute pepperoni. So incredibly creative.  And delicious   Always looking forward to next weeks meals!
Hi Joe and team,I just wanted to send a note to let you know that all my pickups this week (taco, soup and burger) have gone smoothly! We loved the tacos this week - the chipotle mushrooms were so flavorful with a great kick and the potatoes were a nice surprise. The ground beef lentils are always a favorite and the black sesame in the salsa macha was a fun surprise as well 🙂 We also really loved the new shiitake chowder! It's amazing how well the shiitake mimicked clams and I always get SO excited for the big garlic ciabatta. We haven't had the pizza burgers yet but I am sure we'll love them as well. Thanks for all you do!
I just want to say thank youuu Clover Meal Box team so very much!!! My husband and I are both finishing grad school and working full time and have very minimal time to cook or grocery shop (usually our favorite activities).  Pasta Saturday, Taco Tuesday, and the random meal box are literally holding us together. It’s the best feeling to come home to a delicious healthy fresh veggie-packed local meal that’s only ~15 min from being done. The tacos tonight were just incredible. I want the Serrano tomato salsa to reappear on Pasta Saturday??? Maybe think about it??? It was amazing. Anyway, thank you for feeding us, we appreciate it so much. 
You have made us “accidental vegetarians” the boxes are so good and so convenient. Thank you!
PSA for my friends in Boston: @cloverfoodlab has meal boxes delivered that are 10x better than other meal delivery services I've used. Well-sourced, foodie-grade meals that are super easy to put together and well-priced.
The boxes are a great value and I really appreciate how little prep/cooking needs to be done. It’s nice to have three meals ready to go during the week. My wife and I appreciate the variety in each box and definitely plan on ordering again in the future. Keep up the good work!
I've tried Purple Carrot, Hello Fresh, etc. and they just take SO LONG to prepare. Yours are (almost) instant and delicious.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose your weekly box(es)

🥗 Salad Monday
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🍝 Pasta Saturday
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Step 2: See the menu for next week

Every Monday, get a glance at what’s coming up on the menu.

Step 3: Manage your deliveries

Pause for weeks you’re away, change subscriptions, toggle from small to large, or cancel anytime.


Our subscription boxes have small and large options. The small feeds 2-3 people and the large feeds 4-5 people. We’ve built these boxes to be generous so you may have some leftovers, but not too many to be stressful. If you want more or less food you can toggle between large and small on the app!

Each weekly box delivers on a specific day (ie. Taco Tuesday delivers on Tuesdays) which you can see and manage in your account section.

If you are not present the box will be left at your doorstep (boxes can remain unrefrigerated for up to 4 hours).

We offer pick-up at CloverHUB (1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge).

When ordering for pickup you will be asked to choose a time slot.

The order cutoff for each of our subscriptions is every Thursday at 5pm EST and applies to orders starting the following Monday -> Saturday. You will receive an upcoming menu each monday via email, and a notification reminder each Thursday before the deadline.

Not to worry! Simply select which weeks you want to receive your box and which weeks you want to pause from the app (it’s super easy). We won’t charge you for any weeks when you are paused.

The cutoff time to pause is Thu @ 5pm for deliveries starting the following Mon – Sat.

The Clover app will show whether your subscription has been paused for the given week.

We hope you’ll love our boxes. Over the course of 2 years and 20,000 orders, we’ve had a really heartwarming response. But we don’t want to take money from anyone who didn’t love their food. Reach out to us at with any feedback at all and someone will get back to you.

One and the same! Many of the same folks you recognize from restaurants and trucks are now working on our box program. It’s an exciting time. We’re hoping that we can meet you where you are, whether it’s home, work, school, or out having an adventure. 

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