Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is Back!

9 August, 2022: Here's Kevin (GM at CloverKND) holding some stunning Blue Oyster Mushrooms from the Rhode Island Mushroom Company. This can only mean one thing... that the Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is Back!  Chris pitched the Blue Oyster Mushroom sandwich at Food Dev in 2015 as our Clover version of a po' boy (a sandwich popular in Louisiana which… Read More

Clover is looking for our next Executive Chef

3 August, 2022: Chris (SVP of Food) here. I haven’t written a blog post in several years but I’m hopping back on for a really important reason: I’m hiring an Executive Chef!  Everything we do at Clover is focused on making food our customers will dream about. In the early days, what we now call “Food Dev” happened daily at… Read More

Our fridge sends us an email when it’s sad

29 July, 2022: Last night our original walk-in fridge at the HUB went “above temp” - kitchen speak for not cold enough. How did we know this? Phil received an email directly from our fridge! Every 4 minutes the fridge is above temp, it sends an email to all the kitchen managers notifying them. Jenny (production manager) and her bake… Read More

From the archives

Pancake Sunday, 5/3, 11am – 1pm at the truck

1 May, 2009: Alright, we will not be boiling syrup, but we'll be doing everything else we can to re-create the sugar-house experience. Some details for you all: Sunday, 5/3 (this Sunday!) 11am -1pm At the food truck (20 Carleton St., Cambridge, MA near the Kendall T stop) Pancakes, corn fritters, local maple syrup, pickles, coffee, tea, fresh juice -… Read More

The Zucchini Sandwich is BACK on the menu

27 July, 2022: Summer Time is Zucchini Time. Anyone with a home garden can testify that these veggies grow in abundance—and fast!!—once the weather heats up. And if you’ve been outside in the last week, you can attest: the HEAT is UP.  Our friends at Red Fire Farm out in Granby, MA have them a’plenty, and we’re the luckier for… Read More

Clementine’s first day of work

22 July, 2022: In some ways Clementine is responsible for Clover. Back in 2007 I wasn't proud of the job I was doing. I was good at it and I enjoyed it but I knew I wasn't making the world a better place. When I looked down at my toddler after flying around the country I knew I needed to… Read More

Salad Mondays!

22 July, 2022: We sent out a little survey to 1000 of our weekly box customers, asking what meal boxes you wanted us to make next… and Salad Monday was our most requested one (even beating out pizza.) So we got to work on greens - figuring out sourcing, making sure we could get them pre-washed, figuring out pairings and… Read More

Meet the COO

12 July, 2022: Hi, my name’s Julia Wrin Piper. I was given two last names at birth, which is a nightmare for both Google and the federal government. So if you try to find my digital footprint, you’ll discover that, aside from some unfortunate early professional candids, I’m disturbingly absent from all the usual places. But, I assure you, I… Read More

From the archives

Reinforcements arrive (John Hong)

11 October, 2008: John came by this weekend to help with the truck. Above and beyond to have his help like this, and well appreciated as I'm coming out of my 5th 18 hour day in a row. Here John is cutting a template we were thinking we would use to bend the bar that supports the bottom of the… Read More

Why Pizza?

7 July, 2022: Pizza Friday is live. You can sign up. $35/ week and we deliver everything you need to make the best pizza you've ever had at your home. I eat pizza everywhere and love it. When I was in college I made a game for myself where I wouldn't walk by a pizza joint without buying a slice.… Read More

The Panelle is back!

5 July, 2022: Il Panelle è tornato a pranzo! I considered writing this whole blog in Italian but I'll spare you (and myself) the trouble. Anyway, our Sicilian inspired sandwich is back, as of June 29. It'll be around for as long as fennel is at its peak. We had no idea what the word Panelle meant when a customer… Read More

Fourth of July hours

3 July, 2022: If you find yourself in need of some Clover tomorrow, here are our restaurant hours for Monday, July 4th. What's the photo all about? There's a Flag Cake kit inside our most recent 4th of July meal box. If you're one of the 100+ folks who managed to snag a box, you'll be whipping cream and adding… Read More

July 2022 Price Changes

1 July, 2022: Sometimes transparency is a bit painful. I have a history of posting when we change Clover's prices (whether up or down). I'd rather not be raising prices. I know you'd rather I wasn't raising prices. But here we are, 2022. This change was prompted by a wonderful backer of Clover who asked me about our prices. We… Read More

From the archives

Kendall vs. Dewey

7 July, 2010: We've been getting to know our neighbors in the new Dewey Square location. And we're having a ton of fun. It's early, but we know this: few of you are willing to tell me what is wrong (come on, I know there are things you don't like, it's far from perfect), you're patient and don't mind waiting… Read More

The Enzo is back, or Warning: This Sandwich May Contain French Fries

20 June, 2022: For one more week (end date: Tuesday June 28), we’re bringing back a Clover fan favorite: The Enzo sandwich. The Enzo—which takes its name and inspiration from Clover alum Vincenzo— features thick slices of eggplant fried to perfection, a house-made roasted pepper relish, kosher provolone cheese, and Clover french fries. It’s unique among our sandwiches in featuring… Read More