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Let’s settle this score once and for all!

19 November, 2021: Ayr says Brussels reigns supreme, Enzo says it's the Japanese Sweet Potato. Due to the joys of fall produce they're both on at the same time, and so we are going to let YOU, the audience, decide once and for all. It's a battle to the death and it's going to get messy.  How to play:Use the app to order a:Brussels… Read More

We’re all really going to miss Stacia

19 November, 2021: Today Clover Nation is losing one of our best and brightest stars. Today is Stacia's last day at Clover. She's moving away from Boston and on to a new adventure (ask her where she's headed if you see her today). Stacia came to us during college at Lesley. She wanted to work somewhere that aligned with her… Read More

Last chance for Thanksgiving Boxes!

19 November, 2021: We're about to turn the HUB upside down preparing for Thanksgiving! If you haven't gotten your order in yet, there are a few spots left. One item I'm pretty excited about is this smoky brussels salad. Basically a family-style version of our sandwich. You'll warm brussels with smoked cheddar, hazelnuts and a bit of pickled red cabbage,… Read More

CloverFIN re-opening Weds 11/17

14 November, 2021: CloverFIN (our restaurant at 160 Federal St) is our final restaurant to open after Covid! I know a lot of customers (hi Jeremy) will be very happy about this. If you know folks who work in the area, and could help us spread the word, that would be great. We'll be open 7am-4pm to start. Come say… Read More

Hanukkah box selling fast

14 November, 2021: Our Hanukkah box is selling out fast. Be sure to get your orders in for sweet potato latkes, butternut kugel, chickpea fritters, gelt, and more. We have just 1 distribution day on the first day of Hanukkah - Sunday November 28.Get my box. Read More

The Clover Thanksgiving Box is here!

5 November, 2021: Lock down your Thanksgiving plans early (and skip the grocery store)! It's already smelling likeĀ Thanksgiving here in the Clover kitchen! Chris and Jason are busy finalizing recipes, calling farms, and building the best Thanksgiving spread in all the land. Last year this box sold out overnight, so this year we've purchased a new refrigerated van to keep… Read More

Paw Paw on the move

2 November, 2021: A journalist reached out recently, wanting to do a national story on our Paw Paws. Problem was, she lives in Colorado. So we shipped paw paws to her! I bet this was one of the first times a paw paw experienced being shipped. Usually they're too delicate to survive all that jostling, which is the reason you… Read More

CloverPru soft open today, 10/29/21! Grand opening 11/5/21

29 October, 2021: Today is the 13th anniversary of Clover opening our first food truck at MIT. And today is the day we open in a skyscraper! Ok, at the base of one. We've been pretty quiet about our newest Clover in the Prudential Center. Part of this is that it was delayed by a year due to Covid. Part… Read More

Meal Box Mania

25 October, 2021: If you've only known us for restaurants (and maybe food trucks if your Clover memories stretch back far), you might not know about a new experiment we've started. Well, I guess at this point it's no longer an experiment, it's a substantial part of the Clover Universe. MEAL BOXES!!!! Here's the gist: we make boxes full of… Read More