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Sharan is back today at lunch!

31 August, 2022: One of the most fun things about working at Clover is that sometimes your most treasured food memories turn into menu items, and you get to share them with new people. The spicy, delicious Sharan sandwich (say sha-RAHN, not like the Massachusetts town) was created by Sharan Patil, who was a BU intern in our kitchen. Growing… Read More

Corno di Toro peppers for this week’s Pasta Box

17 August, 2022: Ray from Next Barn Over wrote to us with some great news: they had a bumper crop of Corno di Toro peppers. This pepper originated in Italy (the name means horn of the bull - you can see how the shape curves like a bull's horn.) They are sweet, not too spicy, and hold up to heat… Read More

The Panelle is back!

5 July, 2022: Il Panelle è tornato a pranzo! I considered writing this whole blog in Italian but I'll spare you (and myself) the trouble. Anyway, our Sicilian inspired sandwich is back, as of June 29. It'll be around for as long as fennel is at its peak. We had no idea what the word Panelle meant when a customer… Read More

Fourth of July hours

3 July, 2022: If you find yourself in need of some Clover tomorrow, here are our restaurant hours for Monday, July 4th. What's the photo all about? There's a Flag Cake kit inside our most recent 4th of July meal box. If you're one of the 100+ folks who managed to snag a box, you'll be whipping cream and adding… Read More

Father’s Day Gift Guide

10 June, 2022: Lucia here, writing to share some of our favorite Father's Day gifts. If you end up using any of these suggestions, drop us a line, we'd love to know.  First up, our Father’s Day Meal Box! This came from a group of Clover dads who asked themselves: if I had my ideal day of meals, what would it be?… Read More

Rhubarb coming in subscription boxes next week!

10 June, 2022: Sweet and puckery, with a form factor so unlike other fruit... Yess, it's rhubarb season! It’s Ayr’s favorite thing to eat, it’s a vegetable that acts like a fruit, it makes pancakes so happy, and it’s only here for a month or so. If you’ve been thinking about stocking your fridge with a Clover meal box, this might be the week… Read More

Farewell Jason!

10 June, 2022: Yesterday was Jason's last day at Clover. Jason came on board as our executive chef last year. His job was to develop recipes for our meal box program, so if you're a member of Taco, Pasta, Burger, or Soup, you've likely been enjoying some food from Chef Bond. We're going to miss Jason's steady nature, incredible culinary… Read More

Deadline to get a CSA extended to June 6!

30 May, 2022: What's a CSA? Also known as a farmshare, a CSA is a direct relationship between you and a local farmer. You pay the farm up front before the summer, then in exchange for that initial investment, you get the best local produce for a fraction of what you'd pay at the grocery store. We've been offering up… Read More

Triple asparagus test this week

16 May, 2022: Asparagus is nearly in season in Hadley, MA. It was once so prolific there that it is still known as Hadley Grass, and if you're lucky you can usually buy it by the side of the road. We've always done a super simple 3pm special with asparagus, but we've always wanted to do more. I think this… Read More

Meet the Late Spring Box!

5 May, 2022: Click here to grab a Late Spring Box! Ever wanted to make your own ramen, but were short on time? Our ramen-esque kit comes with slow-cooked ramen broth, hand-pulled buckwheat noodles from Kim'C Market (Jason is really excited about these), jammy eggs and lots of toppings. Just heat, garnish, and enjoy on one of these colder nights we've been having.… Read More