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Happy Birthday Clover. Win PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES

29 October, 2016:   Lucia here. I celebrated Clover’s first birthday back in 2009. And the other month, Rob, who runs Clover Westford, reminded me that Clover turns 8 this year. I thought it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt. So here you are, the Clover 8th birthday scavenger hunt. As you can see from the tweet above, some… Read More

Speedwell Coffee and Donuts: Friday 9/30, 8am CloverLMA, 10am CloverHSQ

24 September, 2016: We’re having a Coffee and Donuts event next Friday morning. If you’re in the Longwood Medical Area, come by from 8am-9am. If you’re in Harvard Square, come by from 10am-11am. We are welcoming Sarah Correira, roaster at Speedwell to meet and taste coffee with you all. Sarah spends most of her days knee-deep in green coffee beans. She… Read More

Movie night is tonight!

27 July, 2016: The speakers are rented, the picnic boxes neatly folded, and we are praying for not-rain. And I have to say this is my favorite poster I’ve ever designed (shoutout to Drew who had the pleasure of photoshopping our truck onto a Delorean.) Back to the Future screens tonight at 8pm at Clover on the Greenway. If you managed… Read More

Hello Longwood Medical

21 July, 2016: I’m typing this in the middle of our giant Day 1 lunch rush at LMA. It’s only 12:36 and it’s pretty crazy, definitely our biggest opening yet. Hope everyone isn’t waiting too long. I wanted to make sure everyone in line knows that we’re doing some special post-open events to welcome different groups in the area. You bring… Read More

CloverLMA (the restaurant) opens tomorrow 7/21, 11am-2pm

20 July, 2016: We’re opening tomorrow at 360 Longwood Avenue! Come see us from 11am-2pm for Pay What You Want Day. We’ll have a full lunch menu and all proceeds will go to The Food Project. We’ll open for regular business hours the following day, 7am-11am. Read More

Lo-fi Movie Night at the truck: Back to the Future, 7/27, sundown

12 July, 2016: It’s the fifth year for Clover movie night so we thought we’d bring back a favorite: Back to the Future. This pic was from 2013 when Michael, a customer, wrote to me after ticket sales had ended asking if he’d let me in if he dressed like Marty McFly. If you’ve never been to movie night, we… Read More

Strawberry season ending

5 July, 2016: We launched the Strawberry Broccoli sandwich 2 weeks ago. If you’re one of the people who have had their days made by this sandwich, here’s what you’re eating and why. Paul had been looking at a chart that one of our farmers sent. It showed that strawberries and broccoli were in season at around the same time in Massachusetts.… Read More

Pay What You Want at CloverFIN: Wednesday 7/6, 11am-2pm

5 July, 2016: We’ve been doing Pay What You Want Days when we open a new restaurant. This was the scene when we opened CloverDTX. So hey, Financial District, spread the word. There’s a new Clover in your neck of the woods. Come to CloverFIN, 160 Federal Street for our grand opening. Pay whatever you want for lunch and all the proceeds… Read More

2-ingredient salad

4 July, 2016: We went to Italy (Calabria and Sicily) on a food research trip. If you hadn’t been following that journey, you can scroll back to the posts tagged Italy. It was funny: many of the things we learned were less recipes to bring back and more ways to approach food. We kept seeing this salad in Calabria. This one was at a… Read More