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Adjectives that describe taste

13 April, 2019: I loved this. A group of advanced ESL students came to Food Dev the other week. They were studying adjectives, and their teacher is a big fan of Clover. Here’s hoping they tasted smokey, sour, infused, herbal, creamy, and savory – but not rubbery or burnt or plain! Read More

Tearing up the chickpea platter

12 April, 2019: Back in the truck days there were boats. A boat was for someone who didn’t want the bread with their chickpea fritter. You took a fry boat, swiped it with hummus, and added all the ingredients in a chickpea fritter. Sometimes when we ran out of bread, all items would become boats. Boats became platters when we… Read More

What is this?

11 April, 2019: Eggplant has not been perfect lately. We’ve seen over-frying, over-and-under salting, and not cutting to the proper thickness. So what does this have to do with improving eggplant at Clover? These are Eggplant measurers! If your eggplant fits in the second-largest slot, it’s been cut to the correct thickness. We have Chris Strange to thank for this… Read More

2019 version of writing on the side of the truck

11 April, 2019: New menus are up! If you’ve been by during the last month, you may have noticed some changes. This is the result of a lot of hard work from Ethan and Joseph, I can’t even admit that I understand all of what they did. But because of their programming work, we were able to put into place some… Read More

Ditch blends?

29 March, 2019: Over the years, we’ve served you carrots from single farms, tomatoes from single farms, even medlars and paw paws from single farms. But did you know we’ve also been serving coffees from single farms? 98% of the coffee you find in Boston is a blend of beans from multiple farms or even multiple countries. There’s a reason for that.… Read More

This is not Clover’s new videographer

14 March, 2019: This photo of Jane was taken in December. Doesn’t she look hopeful? We spent hours planning a video series about soup we planned to publish to Youtube. We woke up early, went to Lindentree Farm, said hi to Moira and Ari (farmers), gathered vegetables, and filmed Ayr chopping, seasoning, blending soup. The kids came home from school,… Read More

Just for a little while…

8 March, 2019: Starting today, a few vegan items on our menu are temporarily not vegan. Chris let us know that Just, the company that makes our delicious (vegan) mayo is having supply chain issues. They won’t have more mayo in the supply chain until late March or early April. For about 98% of you, this won’t matter. You might… Read More

What is Hasty Pudding?

31 January, 2019: Get ready to be confused. Hasty Pudding is a porridge, and it is a play. Today we’ll be giving out free samples of Clover Hasty Pudding all morning at CloverHSQ (1326 Mass Ave.) Hasty Pudding (the food item) is a term for a porridge. Jasper’s making up a wheat porridge using Maine Grains wheat, leeks, onions, cream… Read More

Magical tomato mashed potato

17 January, 2019: Hey, that’s not my family! But I can write this post because I too have sampled the magical tomato mashed potato of Rome. Martina has a list of recommendations for what to do in Rome. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll share it with you. One of the stops is a restaurant called Pecorino. She sent Ayr’s family… Read More