Our street team!

Become a Clover Ambassador

Do you love Clover? Do you find yourself dreaming about chickpea fritters? Was Clover the first thing you ate after giving birth? We’d like to invite you to be part of the Clover Ambassador program. The purpose of this program is to identify people who can help spread the word about new locations or important events. In exchange we’ll give you access to some secret Clover merch.

How does it work?
If you are interested, you can fill out this form (there is no commitment to submitting the form.)
We will then reach out when opportunities arise that you could be a good fit for (ie. a new store launching in your neighborhood)
Then you can choose if you want to be part of it!

Those who participate in ambassador programs will get:

  • Exclusive invitations to ambassador-only events (tastings, breakfasts, etc.)
  • Clover swag (patches, water bottles, backpacks, maybe even a chef’s knife!)
  • Early access to what’s coming up on the menu
  • Lots of other gifts (meal boxes, Clover Club subscriptions, and in-app gift drops)


Do I need to be an influencer?
You already are! Whether you are TikTok famous or a nomad of the northern woods, you influence those who are close to you (probably more than you think). What better example to set than eating in a way that is actually good for the planet?

How do I know if this is right for me?
If you believe in food that preserves the planet, supports local farmers, and is delicious – this is for you! Also, there is no commitment to signing up and expressing interest. We’ll let you know when opportunities arise and you can decide at that point whether to participate.