Delicious produce all season long!

Farm Share Program (CSAs)

Sun-ripened tomatoes. Crisp, juicy onions. Greens full of nutrients. All for less money than you’d spend at the grocery store.

A CSA, or farmshare, is a relationship between you and a local farmer. You pay up-front during the spring, your farmer uses your dollars to buy seeds and hire people; and in exchange, you get a share of the harvest, all season long.

CSAs were invented by Booker T. Whately and were popularized right here in Massachusetts. They are the best economic model for small farms – even better than farmer’s markets and the most delicious way for you to eat! Since 2010 we’ve dedicated a portion of Clover restaurants to CSA pickups, so you can grab your produce while you munch on your chickpea fritter sandwich!

Sign up today, eat better tomorrow.

Summer 2024 Signups are On!

How it Works

Step 1: Choose a farm and day of the week.
Step 2: Pick a Clover location & a share type
Step 3: Return to Clover for your bounty

Participating Farms - Summer 2024

Rhode Island Mushroom Co - Wednesdays
Crimson & Clover - Wednesdays
Siena Farms - Thursdays


We think so! Certainly the freshest, most environmentally friendly, and exciting!

Typically for produce farms, shares run from the last week of November/first week of December to late February/early March but this can vary depending on share type. Dates are listed for each share.

If you don’t see your location listed beneath the farm, it is not dropping off at that location.

Please be sure you are visiting the Clover location that you intend to pick up from and be sure you’re clicking during a time when the Clover location is open. Then scroll down past the food and drinks.

You will need to send a friend to pick it up for you. We can’t hold shares overnight due to health code – so if you do not get your share by the time we close, we will donate it or send it home with a Clover staff member.

You will be getting an email with a code to enter. Hold tight!

Contents vary based on the type of farm and the weather. Click on the individual CSA to learn more.

Farmers will send an email newsletter with each share, featuring recipes and cooking tips. You can also subscribe to Clover’s Veggie Monster newsletter which comes out every Friday.