Lunch rush in progress.

Our Restaurants: real kitchens within

We started out in 2008 as a food truck parked at Carleton St on MIT’s campus. Back then we didn’t publish our address because we were worried about keeping up with the lines, so we intentionally were a bit hidden.

Today we operate 15 restaurants around the Boston Metro Area, and we’re no longer afraid of you stopping by!

Our menu changes by the minute to keep up with daily available produce from farms in New England. For this reason we don’t have a static menu.

Instead we recommend you check out our online ordering site  to see what’s on the menu today at your nearest Clover, and to place an order.

Thanks for joining us. We’ve come a long way but we are dreaming big. Someday maybe there’ll be more Clover restaurants than McDonald’s. If we can make that happen, we’ll have done great things for the planet, for our local farmers, and for the communities where we set up shop.