Mistakes: we all make them.

Our Mistakes

We’re building the future and we need your help to get it right. This means we’re going to make some mistakes and we’re going to love them. We’re not coming to you with a product that is complete. Instead we’re hoping to engage you. We have big things we want to achieve and we’ll only be able to get there with your help. As long as our mistakes are cheap and don’t hurt anybody, we value them. We try something. We ask what you think. We iterate. We try again. We learn. Iterate again. This is how we evolve quickly. We’ve gathered some stories about mistakes we’ve made over the years, most of which have contributed to a better Clover. Of course there are also mistakes that are just…mistakes. We blog about those too : )

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February 9, 2023
Have you had the Medlar Sandwich yet? The star of the sandwich is a jam we make from medlars. A medlar is a fruit that grows on a tree and comes into season in the winter. You can’t eat medlars right from the tree – they have to be fermented (or “bletted” – definitely in the running for worst word ever!) in order to become delicious. We undertake that deliciousness-process at the HUB in East Cambridge. But this year there was a little mishap…
December 16, 2022
If you’re a weekly meal box subscriber, you may have noticed way fewer plastic containers in your deliveries recently.When we started the program, we were in the pandemic, new to this whole home delivery thing, and a big concern was making sure that nothing spilled inside the boxes. So we relied on post-consumer recycled containers (aka plastic deli containers) for a lot of the items.
September 16, 2022
23 years ago this month NASA lost a spacecraft due to a unit conversion error. In September 1999 the Mars Climate Orbiter concluded its nearly 10 month journey to Mars by burning up, either in Mars’ atmosphere or in accidental orbit around the Sun.
November 6, 2019
It’s actually a take on a sandwich we had on the menu back in 2010. Ayr’s dad used to make a mushroom pâté, baked in a fancy French pastry crust.
June 12, 2019
We’re testing new platters at CloverKND. Reception has been extremely positive. Maybe better than what we saw with the original meatball test.