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I want to be a no trash person

8 February, 2022: You all know our restaurants give you 100% compostable packaging. What is the equivalent for the meal kits we're now delivering in the 1,000s every week? My wife Brooke remembers as a child seeing a news clip about a person who saved all of the trash they used from an entire year and it was a single… Read More

Dave Epstein has the best storm coverage

28 January, 2022: Dave Epstein is a gift to everybody who cares about weather in Boston. If you're tracking this (possibly historic?) storm, his podcast is what you need. You can find Weather Wisdom (killer weather reports) and Growing Wisdom (gardening weather reports!) on Spotify / any podcast platform. In the early days when Clover was a food truck business,… Read More

You won’t see a Clover sign here

26 January, 2022: I visited our newest site yesterday and felt a tingle of the excitement that I felt when we were first launching food trucks. This is Widett Circle, an industrial area in Boston that is slated for demolition and redevelopment. The operators who used to be here are gone and the developers are waiting on permits or something.… Read More

Giant Taco Disaster of 2021

30 November, 2021: OK, if I'm honest there have been more than one. You might be reading this thinking: Clover? Tacos? We're building a new business alongside an existing business. If you haven't tried one yet we're delivering a set of meals directly to your home. We're calling it Clover Meal Boxes. And it's everything we can do just to… Read More

My pie mistake

23 November, 2021: We ordered too many pies for our Thanksgiving Meal Boxes. If you see this message today (Tuesday) or tomorrow (Wednesday) and you need amazing pie for Thanksgiving take advantage of our mistake (and receive $10 off): place your order in the app or stop by CloverHUB (1075 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA). We're also going to send a… Read More

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Welcome Jason Bond

15 November, 2021: I feel that if I write everything I want right here it will be the longest post in Clover history. I'll restrain myself and keep this brief. Jason Bond of Bondir joined the Clover team. Chris (head of food at Clover and Clover's first paid employee) and I were looking at the growth of the Meal Box… Read More

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Happy 13th Birthday Clover!

29 October, 2021: Ayr on day 1 at the MIT Truck taking Clementine (his daughter's) order, October 29th, 2021 Some Clover trivia: 24 September, 2008 my son Blue was born (this one doesn't follow the pattern below, but my kids are my motivation for building a restaurant company with the mission of fighting global warming so it's a pretty important… Read More

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Proud of Jasper

14 October, 2021: I've been sitting in on our weekly General Manager meetings when I can. The other day I listened while Jasper, our Director of Restaurant Operations, spoke with passion about how important it is that we set staff schedules 2 weeks in advance and try to do everything we can to stick to the schedules. It was a… Read More

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New prices, inflation?

29 July, 2021: That's Kev, the GM of Clover Newtonville, getting ready for the first big lunch rush at our newest Clover. What does he have to do with the price you pay for your chickpea fritter? Warning: slightly lengthy/ detailed post ahead. We've been increasing our hourly pay. Today our average earnings/hour for hourly employees is $19.67/ hr. That's… Read More

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We need help building Clover

23 July, 2021: Chris and I have decided to hire an executive chef. We haven't had anybody with that title since we were lucky enough to work with Rolando Robledo back in the days of food trucks. We don't want to move away from our open food development process. It's a wonderful thing. But we do want to bring some… Read More