Gift 2 deliveries of Clover Meal Boxes to your friend or loved one.

One of our most frequent requests has been “How do I gift meal boxes to a friend?”

We got to work and we’re excited to announce a brand-new feature: you can now gift 2 weeks of any of our meal boxes. 

Send your friend the ultimate gift of culinary exploration (and not having to plan meals!)

Salad, taco, soup, burger, pizza, pasta, pancake?

A box for every palate!

How to gift Clover meal boxes

1: Which meal box?

We’re offering 2-week gift subscriptions to our extremely popular themed boxes. All boxes come together fast, because we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting (making dough, building sauces, sourcing veg). Just pick a food that you know your friend likes : )

  • Choose Salad Monday, Taco Tuesday, Soup Wednesday, Burger Thursday, Pizza Friday, Pasta Saturday, Grain Bowl Sunday, or Weekend Pancakes.

2: Which friend?

Who on your list would benefit from 2 weeks of hearty, creative Clover meals?

Pick a friend, roommate, new parent, your kid’s teacher, or someone who’s just getting excited about plant-based eating.

The only requirement? They must live within a 30-mile radius of Cambridge, MA.

We’ll ask you for their email address so we can send them a special email alerting them of their culinary adventure to come. .

3: In their hands now.

Your friend will get an email from us alerting them that they’re the lucky recipient of 2 weeks of Clover meals.

If you want your gift to arrive on Christmas Morning or the last night of Hanukkah, be sure to buy it at the exact moment you want it to hit their inbox.

Once they get the gift, they can peek at menus and configure their subscription however they like. They’re part of our family now, and so are you for thinking of us!


What is inside a subscription box?

Each box is different depending on the theme and the time of year. For example, our taco box contains everything you need to make incredible tacos: heirloom corn tortillas, ready-made seasonal fillings, 2 salsas (one mild, one a little spicy), themed toppings, ready-to-eat Charley Baer beans. View menus here. 

Our boxes arrive on your friend’s doorstep in time for dinner. Salad Monday boxes arrive on Mondays, Burger Thursday boxes arrive on Thursday, etc. 

No – if you gift Pizza, your recipient will get 2 Pizza deliveries. However, each box will be different depending on the time of year and the culinary creativity of Chef Phil and the team. You can get a sense of the types of meals here.

You can only gift one subscription to one person at a time. If you’re interested in corporate gifting reach out to us at 

Because we keep our supply chain tight and local – and we do all our own deliveries to cut down on CO2 –  we are not able to offer subscriptions to folks who live outside of the 30-mile radius of Cambridge, MA. 

Yes! We’ve done group gifts for MIT, Harvard, and other organizations.  We would be happy to set this up for you. Email us at and we will set up a group gift.

We recommend gifting it at the moment you want it to hit your friend’s inbox. We’re working on a feature that will allow for a scheduled note, but it’s not ready yet. 

You can do this by using your own account, picking items you want, and simply changing your address to your friend’s address. Your friend won’t get any communication from us, they won’t be able to configure the date of their delivery, and you’ll need to notify them it’s coming.

Reach out to us at Our team is standing by!

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