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A meal delivery service that could only come from Clover Food Lab.

Want to eat more veggies but not sure how? Welcome to Clover Meal Boxes!

We source peak-season ingredients from New England farms, tortilla-makers, and bakeries.

We do all the heavy lifting: sourcing, chopping, seasoning, (and obsessing about flavor) to get your food ready for mealtime. We deliver to your door. You do 5 minutes of prep.

These are not just tacos, burgers, soups, or pizza. They may just be the best versions you’ve ever had.

Get your first subscription box for just $1

Ready to try a box?

How does it work?

Pick a box.

Your YOU vs YOU reward entitles you to one small subscription box for just $1! Subscribe to your favorite box and your first payment will be $1. If you don’t love it, simply pause or cancel anytime.

Our subscription offerings consist of Salad Monday, Taco Tuesday, Soup Wednesday, Burger Thursday, Pizza Friday, and Weekend Pancake.  Choose small (feeds 2-3) or large (3-5). If you’re eating solo, the small box will likely cover you for several meals. 


See the menu.

Check out our app to see what’s fresh!

We change our menu to stay in line with what’s coming out of the ground at our favorite farms, so no two weeks are ever the same. Think strawberries in May and squash in October. 

Subscribers get a weekly email detailing the upcoming week’s menu.

Subscription orders lock-in every Thursday at 5pm for the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Pick your dates.

We’re here to make dinners easy, and meal-planning a non-issue.

If you subscribe to a box, you can “set it and forget it,” or pick and choose the menus you want to get.


Give us a call at 617-800-9648‬.

Our Meal Box hotline is open Mon-Sat from 9am – 5pm.

We are both finishing grad school and working full time. Pasta Saturday, Taco Tuesday, and the random Celebration Box are literally holding us together. It’s the best feeling to come home to a delicious healthy fresh veggie-packed local meal that’s only ~15 min from being done. The tacos tonight were just incredible. I want the Serrano tomato salsa to reappear. It was amazing. Thank you for feeding us!
Katie & Jerry
The maple roasted squash tacos reduced me to tears of joy, and had my husband, a lifelong squash-hater, asking for seconds. My lord, they were good!
You are my new grocery store! That pizza What a fluffy, nice-bite recipe you got there! The Pepperoni oil is amazing, I have no idea what spices constitute pepperoni. So incredibly creative. And delicious. Always looking forward to next week's meals!


Our subscription boxes have small and large options. The small feeds 2-3 people and the large feeds 4-5 people. We’ve built these boxes to be generous so you may have some leftovers, but not too many to be stressful. If you want more or less food you can toggle between large and small on the app!

We start with what the farmers are growing, then get creative. It’s more fun for us, more fun for you (we hope) and better for local economies when we eat this way!

Each weekly box delivers on a specific day (ie. Taco Tuesday delivers on Tuesdays) which you can see and manage in your account section.

If you are not present the box will be left at your doorstep (boxes can remain unrefrigerated for up to 4 hours).

We offer pick-up at CloverHUB (1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge).

When ordering for pickup you will be asked to choose a time slot.

If you are not present the box will be left at your doorstep (boxes can remain unrefrigerated for up to 4 hours).

The order cutoff for each of our subscriptions is every Thursday at 5pm EST and applies to orders starting the following Monday -> Saturday. You will receive an upcoming menu each monday via email, and a notification reminder each Thursday before the deadline.

Not to worry! Simply select which weeks you want to receive your box and which weeks you want to pause from the app (it’s super easy). We won’t charge you for any weeks when you are paused.

The cutoff time to pause is Thu @ 5pm for deliveries starting the following Mon – Sat.

The Clover app will show whether your subscription has been paused for the given week.

Passover, Christmas, Pi Day, even “May the 4th” Day. These boxes are bigger than our weekly meal boxes, and are great for feasts, celebrations, or for injecting some festivity into your weekly meals. These boxes have their own separate deadlines, unrelated to the Thursday deadline. The best way to learn about these boxes is to subscribe to our email newsletter, or to keep an eye on the Meal Box section of our app.

One and the same! Many of the same folks you recognize from restaurants and trucks are now working on our box program. It’s an exciting time. We’re hoping that we can meet you where you are, whether it’s home, work, school, or out having an adventure.

We hope you’ll love our boxes. Over the course of 2 years and 20,000 orders, we’ve had a really heartwarming response. But we don’t want to take money from anyone who didn’t love their food. Reach out to us at with any feedback at all and someone will get back to you.

The Clover app will show whether your subscription has been paused for the given week.

We Dream About Vegetables!

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