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Barrington coffee and donuts tomorrow

Andrew from Barrington Coffee is coming here for a series of coffee events. He’ll hit Clover Burlington at 8am, Clover Financial at 11am, and Clover Downtown Crossing at 2pm. $5 gets you a cup and one of these rare cider

Barrington Coffee

When I go out to the Berkshires for lumber I usually stop to say hi to Barth, who runs Barrington Coffee. We talked a bit about the huge price increases coffee is facing which is

Tasting water at Barrington Coffee Roasters

This is the beginning of another coffee journey. Or rather the end. Rolando and I just got back from a big research trip that included food trucks, fast food, juice shops, some fine dining, and

Coffee and Donuts w/Barrington Roasters Thurs 6/29

Breakfasts at Clover are always yummy (we hope), but they don’t always have donuts. We’re making our cider donuts Thursday in honor of Barrington Coffee’s visit. 8am CloverHSQ (1326 Mass Ave, Cambridge) 10am CloverKND (5

Barrington Yirgacheffe (that means coffee)

You might not be used to seeing 2 silver bags at Clover. Barrington roasts our favorite Panamanian Casa Ruiz. But they also do some fantastic other coffees, based on the same types of long-term relationships

Coffee tasting at trucks with Barrington

We had our first ever winter coffee tasting the other week. Heck, roaster from Barrington Coffee Roasters, made the trek from Great Barrington to join us. It was a ton of fun to see everybody